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Air Tickets, Newspaper Ads, Online Ads, Yahoo has decided to make its presence felt.

The past few months, Yahoo has been in the limelight once again. They have gone on a mad hiring spree. The HR people there also realize its mad in itself and hence are moving ahead with dual proposals. Selected, Permanent Employees and Contract workers. Looks like we are back to the age old Government Systems...

Anyway its not for me to discuss their strategy or what they are planning to do. We sometimes just cannot fully fathom the big picture of the behemoths or large corporates. What is their long term vision? How much is their allegiance to their own countries?

Would they, like the sky rocketing of stock markets create a hype beyond levels to cause the whole Indian Software Industry to fizz out? Or are these salaries they offer a indication of their valuation for their people?

I never understand it much and there is no use second guessing them. Like all public limited companies, we can just assume they are in the game of profit and quality products only.

But once again it brought forth the one true reality of this world. To live in this world, money can sway people much beyond any other feelings or belief.

I respect money a lot because of what it represents and I love it for the good things it can buy me. But how much is enough?

This is a question I find people never seem to find an answer for. When people earn in lakhs, then its the crores that gives them some sense of satisfaction. When in crores, they switch to the billions and so on continues..

There are very few people who live on principles and who see value in what they do. For everyone else its the psyche that more the money better the life is.

You, me, everyone wants to live the rich, relaxed life with least tensions, least difficulties and good prominence and respect from others! So be it.

Genuine pay hikes sounds good always, great paychecks even better! But end of the day a little consideration also needs to be given regarding the fact that are you a pivot who can help improve life and society of others at your present place of working ? Or would you rather just want to be another person in a company who does his daily work and comes back.

Life is full of choices. You can pass the blame to others when you are defensive. But the truth is the path you choose are the choices you decide to make.

Your life's ambitions and its purpose is whats most important! Do you have a purpose or do you just live for the money?

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Yahoo, the world's second most popular search engine behind industry leader Google, had a rough 2006. Shares of Yahoo plunged 35 percent due to concerns that the company was falling further behind Google (Charts) in search and was at risk of losing users and advertising dollars to the likes of popular social networking kingpins MySpace and Facebook as well as online video upstart YouTube.Read more Here

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