Writer's Block

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Once in a while, we go through a mental block. Ideas rush through our heads, thoughts flying and sentences are formed in seconds and we have entire essays ready in minutes just like that. But the moment we take a pen to write or get ourselves to actually put it on paper, we suddenly turn blank...

People call it writer's block. Myself well I just feel its a sudden loss of interest when something more happening goes through our life.

Recently my new interests, my sudden visits to Romania, Dad coming for vacation, trip with friends to Dandeli and the arrival of my nephew for a one week stay preceded everything else in priority and as a result of this I was too busy to ever writing down my thoughts in the right moment.

I uploaded pictures on my site. You can see it here

Today I just decided I am going to spend some effort to get over this block and guys, let me hope I do so as I really want to start writing again...

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