Withering Days..

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Why is there a vacuum, Why can it not be filled?
Like a flower that needs but a drop to quench its thirst,
Why cannot this withered plant, re-inivigorate again ?

As the sun sets for another day,
There is but only gloom to look forth..
The wait continues for another night to pass,
Parched and withered stood the flower,
Waiting only for thy eyes to fall on it..

Low on strength, the wind that blew hurt it..
the nibbling insects ate thy petals,
No strength it had to resist..
A drop of water to quench the thirst,
To re-invigorate to flower again..
It stood all weak with a silent prayer in its heart
Its eyes looked forth that cloud somewhere,

Alas it saw none, the sun beat down on it,
It parched the flower until it withered,
dry as a twig until the next wind carried it away...
Floating to where, it know not..

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