When I was your Age...

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Time: 12:30 Day: 18 Month: January  Circa: 2006

"When  I was your age, I never enjoyed life like you do today!" , the comment comes out from Peter to his son Peterson. Every son around the world hears this comment and accepts the truth in it. Our philosophers coined it well, "Time & Tide waits for no man".

India of 25 years back has changed from one of a agrarian society to a modernizing nation with tertiary industry like the BPO, software services, Health Speciality care booming.

Parents see all these amenities available to their children, sometimes in happiness and at other times, they fear their children will loose their direction amidst so many choices in life. Their general reaction would be, we were more focussed in life and did not have so many distractions and hence  succeeded. But is it so?

25 years back in India, what were the enjoyments or luxury people had to escape their day to day lives? They never had televisions, nor good cars or roads. Hotels were rarer still and so was travel. Money of that time could not purchase things as they can do today. Electronic gadgets were just a rumor, and so was mobile phones. "How can we talk with a phone that is not even connected to anything?", my grandma asked me when I got my first mobile phone.

The only things the youngsters of that era had for leisure were

a) Liquor, Tours,Smoking & drugs

b) Sports

Were your parents doing any of these things? If yes then they have enjoyed to their best of lives when they were young! Hehe I know its controversial, but you can only live in your era. Your not at fault that so many luxuries and leisure activities came in today when we are at our prime age. The generations previous to ours toiled hard for creating these leisure activities and so today we enjoy it. Tomorrow whatever we can add to this is what our kids will enjoy!

So its not actually fair for our parents to fault us for loving trendy cars or fashionable dress wear or even preferring purchasing gadgets rather than build walls or houses. At least we are not enjoying things like liquor & cigarettes that say  "Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks is injurious to your health" or "Cigarette Smoking can cause Lung Cancer" tags to it.

But the world can not change so easily. Human nature by law is conservative, but its the spirit of innovators, visionaries that over look these conservative things and allow the next generation to choose their path. Being conservative is not bad, its always nice to have a conscience in the form of parents to remind you that not everything you do is right.

Parents ask you not to make the mistakes they made and sometimes fear that we will loose ourselves among the luxuries that we enjoy and may destroy whatever they created with their blood sweat and tears. But then again parents do need to judge this judiciously, need to find out if their children are moving in such path. If not, the parents should allow their children to live their lives as it is and be happy that they could create the right platform and environment for their children to raise the bar and enjoy living rather than struggle...


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:-) When I was your Age...

Looks like chakky had a session from his parents. :-)

Chakks dont worry da.... we all go through this . And from what I understood , we'll say the same things to our kids .

> But then again parents do need to judge this judiciously

And who is gonna judge it ? Parents or kids ?? .

Good work with your site. Wishing you a lot of user downloads of firefox . ;-)

With a smile

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