What is Love, What is Marriage ???

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One Day Socrates was walking along a Wheat Field when one of his disciples approached him. "Socrates, Sir!", the disciple called out. "Sir, what is Love?".

Socrates mused on this question for a moment and then replied," Son, walk along this wheat field, with the following one condition;You can only walk in one direction. Then bring back to me the tallest wheat stalk!"

The disciple was confused, he just could not understand where this task was related to his question. But still he obediently went on to undertake the task. Towards evening, a very tired and disoriented disciple came back to Socrates. Socrates on seeing him all weary and empty handed, queried,"Son what happened?"

To this the disciple replied,"Sir, As I walked along the field, each time I saw a stalk tall enough, I ran forward to get it! When I reached there, I found a stalk taller than it beyond it. But when I reached there, I realized the stalk prior to it was taller. But since I could not go back I kept moving forward until I reached the end and realized I failed in my task!"

Socrates smiled and reassured the disciple,"Son its no failure. It was a task and the task was just to give you a feel of what love is. Its a perception of feelings and as you search for the perfect love, you never find it!"

The disciple was all confused, but it did make sense to him that love is something very difficult to find.

This same disciple after sometime came to Socrates and asked,"Sir, What is marriage?". Socrates at that time was walking besides a forest and so laughing loud said, "Son, walk into the forest and bring me back the tallest tree you find! One condition is you cannot walk back once you have passed it."

The disciple ran into the forest. After about a couple of hours, Socrates heard chopping sounds and lot of noise. Soon he had the disciple coming towards him with a big tree and a big smile on his face. Socrates asked, "Son you found the tree so fast? Is that really the tallest tree in the forest?"

The Disciple all beaming with a big smile replied,"Sir I remembered the task you gave me when I asked about love and I realized that I should not keep presuming the tallest tree will be in the deepest region of the forest. So when I came to the first tree I felt was taller than most trees around, I cut it down and brought it to you!"

Socrates laughed a hearty laugh and said,"Son, now you must have realized what marriage is all about!".

The Disciple stood silent cause now he was confused. What was the master saying? How can cutting a tree be related to marriage? The wheat stalk part I understood, love is very difficult to find. But a tree and marriage?

Seeing the shadow on his Disciple's face, Socrates decided to clarify,"Son,walking through the wheat field and forest without being able to come back is akin to your life. It keeps moving forward! You can never come back and undo things. Now when we speak of love, it is a emotion a feeling which we create in our minds. So we always try to find that perfect person. So each time we find a good person, we overlook them saying the person does not have everything we want! there is still time, we will keep searching till everything is perfect. Sometimes, like the case of wheat field, its a illusion and we will never find it and when we reach the end rue the fact!

Now in the case of the forest, you realized what went wrong at the wheat field and you chose to cut the tree you felt tallest. This is akin to marriage, you realize that marriage is a sacrament and not a feeling. So you choose to adjust to whatever it has to offer and find happiness from it!"

The realization dawned on the disciple...

Our lives are same, we love many things, aspire for many things.. But what we are married into, we should realize, is what we have chosen or destiny chose for us, hence we should do our best to make it working rather than be sad about it !

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Thanks Anna for your compliments....




Hi Abhy,

Thank you...

Lijoe Antony Chakiath
"To the world you might be one person, but to one
person you just might be the world..."

Gr8 Stuff!!!

Gr8 Stuff!!!

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