Unicorn, A way of life ...

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Imagine the wings that horses are given,

With a horn to complement, what a mighty beast it becomes!
But alas, these mythical beings, being what they are, the Unicorn is a  beauty! 

The power of the horse so raved for, 
even car's are measured by horsepower!
When a Unicorn is born, you know that invincibility is the aim,
Ours is a organization so, filled, with horses of the highest caliber,
When the horns start to grow, complacence sets in.

Why should I work harder anymore, Why should I have the fire to burn brighter.
The horns clash, emotions are hurt, the wings mean, they no longer roam in groups.
Alas what was to make them better, has resulted in their fall. 
Alone and lonely a horse can never run with fervor,
With no competition, one cannot continue to race!
What good is a horse thats not tame, whose horns hurt others!

Drop your ego, be what you were best at, the Customer is King,
We are kings in our own rights, when we are customers ourselves,
where our money has the power to buy!
But when you leave dont leave destroying the customer you had,
For another horse's bread is what you destroy.

Oh Unicorns, dont light your tails afire and burn the grass that fed you till now,
In this dying moment, light your lamps to enlighten the ones who leave,
share thy knowledge to let the others excel..
Someday, the unicorns will learn to survive with each other, 
Someday, the grass will be greener than it ever was, 
Someday the Unicorns will rule the world together...

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