Tribute to the Sky

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The sun has set today,
eight years hence the end has cometh,

So full of hope and so bright were its rays,
It spoketh only of a future so bright,
The sun shone across the sky,
like it always belonged,
Bringing life and happiness untold to the sky so vast!
Clouds came and smoke bellowed,
spoketh it of the trials & tribulations they faced,
Pesevere they did until the day,
the sun felt, too powerful!

Felt that it deserved more than the sky,
The universe it wanted now,
for it felt the sky was too small!
Fall out of love it did, but the sky sat silently
belonged the sky to earth knowing it could only await;

The sun it loved so much,
waiting till the sun came back..
Wait it did for two years,
all patient all silent,
Only now it has realised, the sun has set,
set with a seal that can never be broken!
Gave up in despair has the sky,

All dark & clouded it has become,
raining thundershowers,
its tears uncontrollable....

For the earth & the living,
the sky shall clear up one day,
One day it shall clear again to let the world know it
has healed and the sun know that the sky will persevere
even when the sun burns itself out of its radiance...

Adieu my Sun, hope she will be happy in her new conquest..

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