Titanic - Of love unsinkable

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As the ship sailed from port, the winds carried it forth..
On the shore awaited he for the return of his love...
Day in day out he visited the port,
Awaiting the ship's return... carrying his love..

With time passeth, he knew not if there will ever be a return..
With time passeth, he knew not if the two hearts will beat in sync..
But still he visited port, hoping for the return..
He knew not any longer what his love felt..
Did she think of him.. Did she care for him..
A letter he wrote, bottled it thrown to sea..
Hoping the message will reach his love...

Years passed, age took its toll...
The once young man stood old and frail at the port of call..
Sighing a deep breath, he pictured his love once more,
Her lovely self that imprinted in his heart...
A beat of his heart was for her, a part of it forever hers..
The fateful day, her farewell from the deck tears laden he recollects..
Tears well up in his eyes once more..
The years have gone by, time has taken its toll..
God before thy last breath,
will thee let thy love come back..He cried aloud..
If time could move backward, with open arms he would go..
To change a past that destroyed a future..

As the seagull cried, he smiled with her memory..
As his heart finally stopped beating.. a serenity came..
For now his soul has united with his memory...
He took one last breath of the salt laden air
Watching the cries of people standing over him..

Alas his search is over..
Into the past he goes.. to where he belongs..
To where his love awaits..
To the memories together that once promised eternity.....

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