Thing of Beauty

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Ohh thing of beauty, you cameth into thee life,
like a gentle morning breeze! You roused in me,
the freshness of life, coloring it with thy beauty!

Ohh thing of beauty, you came to the parched land,
laden with love.nourishing thee..
Once again I do stand strong & high, once again I feel brave,
What love can do is like the stars in the sky,
lighting one's way in life through good times & bad.

Ohh thing of  beauty, why then do you depart?
Why do we try to changeth the destiny written years back,
that made us travel through time and distance..
Meeting here , awakening to each other's feelings..
Fulfilling the hollow within the other..
Why has it to end this way, why does the roads seem to part?

Ohh thing of beauty, lets hope these two roads that part,
Part only to overcome the obstacles,
joining together to reunite our souls..

Ohh thing of beauty, you cameth into thee life,
Never to leave thy soul you should promise...

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