The Lady in Burqa

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For that special someone

There she stood, clad in her burqa,
white as the snow and eyes so dark & lovely,
her lips quivered with a smile so sweet.
Dressed has she to face a fresh new day,
what challenges lay ahead nor does she know.
Like the fire burning in a dark night,
her laughter and energy bring joy to the heart.
To find a gem, so precious and rare,
It's something so scarce. . . .
When you know this, would you stand and stare
Or would you run and scare? The thought of losing
this lady in burqa is so agonizing!

How to express thee love is more tantalizing,
for the fire that lights the night sky can
also burn the person who gets too close!
So many barriers, so many questions,
the last of all so many obligations!
For this Lady in Burqa is the diamond so
rare that has to be handled with care,
for I want it to be there with me all my life.

This poem I wrote when I was in my third year at poornam back in 2004, got me a award from and they even wanted to publish it in a binded book!!

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