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Suddenly nothing disturbs my focus and I am in the alleys of Scotland, the London subway, the prisons in UK as I wheel my way through the Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer.

October 2008 has re-initiated me back to my reading ways...

Or is it my life has suddenly changed to be being one of the lonely ways? I suddenly seem to have got myself to the pristine condition of my engineering days where after college I would be back at Marbles, lying and reading my favorite novels while I awaited the rest of the marble boys to come back by sun set after their jolly times at the college canteen..

I have a personal collection in excess of 200 books and I pride having read most of it.. Like my dad says, "If he(Lijoe) reads at least half of whats there on the book shelf, I can be glad he knows something more of the world than I do..."

One thing I like about movies with a happy ending and fiction books is the ultimate victory for the right person despite the losses he suffers in life. The love there is pure, dedicated. The sacrifices made are with life at stake and not just the heart. And always the events are overwhelming to the point the choice is obvious, the greater good for the mankind than self..

Things that make you patriotic not just of the country but to become righteous in your actions each day you face the world...since before patriotism to nation came, patriotism to mankind...

I guess this habit that I inoculated around my seventh or eighth standard when I started out with books like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Five Find Outers and comics, I never knew I would reach a stage or age where I would be so much in love with these books or find solace in its virtual world..

I have known to not sleep for an entire night just for the reason that I want to finish the book I am reading at one stretch!

I read Paul Coelho recently. I guess my first book, "Brida". The search and finding of one's soul mate. This according to him is what mankind is after. We adjust and live with unnatural events like marriage but our hearts will always be seeking our soul mate. Some find it and keep it, others lose it and live in that perpetual sorrow of having lost it.. and the theory in the book is very nice to read but to comprehend it is different.

Suddenly books are all I have now with me.. :) I realize that I am a prisoner of my birth like the novel I read today. I have to follow my destiny not knowing where its taking me.. and like Brida am just hoping I can unite with my soul mate than meander this world searching for replacements...

As the books take me from the real world, I live a thousand lives. When people crave to go to the west and live the rich life; I live it in my bedroom in my mind! When I wake up I am in my real world where I am comfortable.. and back to normalcy...

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