Taj Mumbai

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As the silence engulfed,I whispered her name,
I heard the murmur afar...,
Amongst the chaos blinked flashes of light,
Thundering sounds masked the murmur,

I knew she was there but the darkness blinded me,
The fear of losing her got better of me,
I called louder her name,
So loud that I sensed as if the thunder and lights moved closer..
Was I dreaming ?

Till moments ago or was it years ago,
I was with her enjoying the cup of coffee,
Laughter presided the conversation,
She was there for me, I needed to be there for her...
I called again aloud, I heard the murmur again,
I saw movement below the table,
Her tender hand moving in small stricken movements,
I rushed to her, shocked to see her pain wrecked face...

We saw the futility of present,
No dream it was, the light and thunder made sense..
He came through the haze, Like a crazened animal,
Took one look at us, No mercy I saw,
Only a devilish grin filled with hatred..
Realizing that time was short,
I covered her with my body, Hoping to save...

The thunder came before the piercing pain..
My body in vain, as the bullet travelled on,
Her violent scream letting me know I had failed,
As my eyes closed slowly,I looked at her all serene,
Knowing that how cruel God can get,
Taking my heart far away from me..
This day I wanted but to gift her my love
A love that can never end..
But alas, destiny had other things in store...
The Taj now has becometh my heart's tomb ...

A thought rather dream that flowed through my head when I went to sleep.. was thinking about those people who said they had gone to Taj on that fateful day on 26th Novemeber 2008(Mumbai Terrorist Attack) for some occassion or the other..

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