Suicides and Death

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I never like to try to say I understand the true meaning of the verses in the Bible. In 13 years training of the Bible, I am not sure if the Priests themselves understand the entire Bible.

However like all of us for arguments sake, when we are up or down, decide to use parts of phrases to justify our words and actions.

For a moment, I too thought I will do this just to see where the argument leads. I was discussing about death and suicide, the differences with my grandma. She was aghast when I said, life is all about death. Everyday
something in our life dies whether its our new nails or hair or even blood cells or even the feelings in our hearts, minds or actions.

So I asked granny, "What is the difference between suicide and death? " Granny said, "Suicide is the cowardly act of ending one's own life for which God will not approve and we will go to hell if we do it." She was indignant that her catechism was well learned. At 84 years of age, she still likes to stamp her authority in whatever she believes. I guess this is one reason I admire her a lot...

However I then asked her, " In that case, in today's modern world, knowing that we are destroying our Body which is the temple of God, we still continue to eat processed foods, fried foods, high sugar foods! Is this also not a cowardly act of giving into your weakness and destroying your temple(body)?"

For a moment she was speechless and then she said, maybe yes. I asked her, "What is the purpose of our lives?" She replies ,"To do good things in life and go to heaven."

I then asked her, then does it mean if we do bad deeds, we should go to hell?

She replied affirmatively, "Yes". Then I asked her if that is the case," Why does every religion speak of repentance, forgiveness ? How many people have stopped sinning when they realize this? ". Her reply was,"Man is weak, he needs to constantly pray to God to deliver him from Evil and Temptations." I then asked why then do we live? Is it for the sake of trying to repent, do good deeds, do bad deeds and then repent again and repeat the cycle? She did not reply.

For a moment it brought me back to the life of Christ as said in the Bible, HIS attempts to lead a pious life and the various tests along. However when I reached to the stage where he asks God to take away the sufferings he needs to face as he is not capable to do it, God himself wanted him to sacrifice his life going through the pains for the sake of better humanity. If we all say we had a vision from God and decided to end our lives or do actions that would result in it, would it still not be suicide what we are doing?

My mind wonders, what is the real reason why we live? Because we fear death and try to do everything possible to survive it?

When God gave us brains, he taught us how to live in this world harmonious with each other but without care for nature or its other creatures. So while the other creatures eat to satiate hunger, drink to clear thirst, procreate seasonally and live and die at the mercy of nature; We spend our life times trying to create monuments, legacies, money and enjoy knowing not what actions of ours will take us to heaven, hell or if we have a life after death in the form of reincarnations or heaven or hell...

Is our actions our attempt to find a meaning for why we live and ways to create more sources of food to feed our ever growing population as a result of our mind lowing plannings?

Maybe suicide is not that bad a thing as we project. We do it in our lives everyday...

Living in Kerala, the state in India with the largest
literacy rate and the largest suicide rates.. And just like its economic model which is so unique in India, I guess this is something we will have to live with..and I just wonder what brings in such topsy turvy thoughts..

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