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"A stereotype is a simplified and/or standardized conception or image with specific meaning, often held in common by people about another group. A stereotype can be a conventional and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image, based on the assumption that there are attributes that members of the other group hold in common. "

How many times have you been compared to someone else or your future actions defined by someone else authoritatively just because you told them of your past experience?

Well I have had a lot of such instances come up in my life at various stages and have always thought when will it end.. :). When will people realize that the experiences and instances in my life are unique to me and because of it my reactions to those situations would be governed by my unique situations?

Just recently I was advising to someone how to do a certain change in their infrastructure setup. My intention was to give them the cheapest yet effective method based on my experience from renovating my house that virtually burnt my finger :). But funnily I got the retort, no way will I take your advice since you burnt your finger already and are you trying to burn mine now?

Its when you see such stereotyping, you start thinking its time for you to change. Change to what? Well the thought was going through my mind, when this friend of mine said a phrase,"Everything alters me but Nothing changes me!"

Its so true, the only change that retort brought to me is I stopped telling the people who did not value my views.. basically I did not stop advising.

I still remember last year when my colleagues were saying how the prediction of rupee to dollar would go down to 36 and 32 rupees a dollar, I had stated that dollar would reach 42 rupees in 2008. Well the past few days saw this happen.

I felt vindicated but when I said it then, it was easily dismissed because I was not supposed to be good at finance based on a calculation error I made a couple of years back :).

Its funny how people learn to predict or purport to know what you are, will do or expect.

I fully agree that there are basic characteristics you cannot change in a person specially feelings. Feelings are something that we learn all through our life and the way we have conditioned it never changes, it always repeats. So you can easily predict what emotional or non-emotional response you will get from a person in different situations. But what he will do or what he says whether it is valid or not are not things we can decide fully. Its one of the reasons I avoid arguments because its very tough to accept views and reasonings.

Sometimes we can give predictions based on logical reasonings. You will see it proceed exactly as we say and we feel so happy. Suddenly some unknown factor will come into the picture and just change the route and we sit baffled thinking how did we go wrong!

Stereotyping is a tool we instinctively use due to our experiential learning brain, but we need to keep tabs on it just so that we dont end up feeling like only we know ...

It also causes us to underperform or try our best to live up to the expectations we are stereotyped to..

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How True!!

How True!!

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