Somebody's Fate ...

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Do we know what fate has in store for us?
Do we know when will death come for us?

Do we ever realize that the Sunrise we see today could probably be the last one we ever see?

Death has an amicable reality about it. None of us alive have ever experienced it, so what we know of death is but just our beliefs. The parting of near and dear ones who one fine day lie as a lifeless body without the soul and the mind is such a painful reminder of the good times.... Soon we get over it and move on in life... the death being just a thought in our mind, a event that we can never forget but still cannot relate to.

Everyday we casually say, yeah we understand that we have to die some day and we are ready for it! But are we ever prepared for it?

Sojish's friend Harshan died this year, a Soldier's death. Soldiers die by the thousands during wars, but in peace time, each soldier's death is but a big event, for the causes are usually extra ordinary.

This is the story of one such Hero...

"When his parents asked when he would come to see them, he used to say, 'I am needed here. If I take leave, somebody else has to work more.'
But after the unsuccessful Kupwara operation, he applied for leave to go home.March 20. His bags were packed and he was about to leave for Kerala when he heard that terrorists had been spotted in Kupwara.He rushed back to Kupwara with 20 men. The mission was successful, and the Red Devils captured the terrorists......... before he could savour success, a sniper shot him in the neck.He died, protecting our borders from our enemies."

The youngest Ashok Chakra winner , he has become a legend....

I do not pretend to know him, nor do I pretend to understand him. But I respect his talent and his drive and we lost him a little too early in life ....I respect who he was and what he achieved in such a short duration...

Sincerity to one's cause can burn one's finger,
But without a cause, Man you have no road to take,
No Road to take means no Destiny to Arrive...
Without Destiny to achieve, what value will your life have?

Harshan took his mother to the Balidan Mandir at the IMA and told her, 'Amma, look at the names of the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the country. Can you see the message to their mothers? That all mothers should be proud of their brave sons. Amma, you should also be a proud mother if my name appears here...'

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