In Solitude called Life..

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Have you ever had to pursue solitude?
Have you ever had to maroon yourself on a island?

When no one cares, for whom do you mingle?
As the sun rose for another day,
You search for the task that keeps you worked,
Alone in my garden, I nurture them,
Watching as they creep and spread,
What I call weeds, I snuff their life out,
What I call seeds, I nurture them with utmost care,

As the task completes, I turn to waterng,
I do it without a second thought..
So much energy to expend, sleep seldom comes..

I do not want to think,
I do not want to ponder..
Whatever I wanted I squandered..

Now I feel the peace in solitude,
Now I work myself up hours together..
Knowing that it no longer matters..
As long as you are out of sight,
As long as you are out of earshot,
It never matters to the ones who do not remember..

Another day will start, I have to find in my island,
Things to do to keep my mind over my heart..

It hurts to hear the echo in the empty cave called life..
I called out, the echo called back..
I called louder, the echo caused more echos..
the realization dawned.. the day has cometh,
For this cave is abandoned to the mercy of others..
The words are heard, the meaning unheard..
The sights are seen, the beauty unseen..
The sounds are clear, the melody so unclear..
The smell so tasty, yet the mouth no longer waters..

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très intéressant post, merci

très intéressant post, merci

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