Solitude ....

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As I traverse down the roads I have to take,
As I cut the path through which I feel my life has to taketh,
I suddenly realize that my friends have passeth by,
On routes so different, with friends along their side...

With friends or companions...
For some twas' their old enemy, for others; acquaintances, and to some strangers..
But today they travel together in their routes..
As I watch from far atop on my lonely route..

I see their happiness, their jokes, their gifts and their good times..
I wave my hands, but they do not see me..
Destined to my solitude, I watch with a heavy heart,
Whom can I complain to? I chose my path,
I knew it was not one that could carry everyone ...

I sighed my despair as I walked my lonely path..
Smiling to strangers, helping passer's by with a grin..
They do not see but beyond my eyes ,
Eyes that have walled my heart with steel...
Even to God, I do not open this wall..

I despair a lot seeing this changeth world..
I cannot share the laughter that cometh around me...
In my solitude I realize,
Meant I was to be a lonely soul.. Never to be understood,
All I can do is helpeth the ones who need a helping hand..
So they can go along their way..

Give them company till they find their own.. and move on my own away from it all...
In this solitude, I see my fate.. Not of someone else's doing.. but my fate and my destiny..
When will this solitude end, I know not..
For every tunnel has a end, every route has a destination!

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Though you see the road all

Though you see the road all lonely,
Watch out, have a closer look
You will see shadows, and foot prints
Around you, engraved...

Footprints, those unseen hands
Who will guide you through all the mess
The shadows will be there for you
silent, yet protective of you

At times you can walk no more,
those unseen hands come around,
They pick you up and pat you and,
give you the comfort you crave for

Such are the friendships you have built
Such is the love they have for you

One day, on the way, when you look back,
You can count them and tell your life
How blessed a soul are you,
to have a lot to take care you.

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