Sister's Day Out

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Sometimes, we go back to the past, remember silly follies we have committed. Though we are wiser today, we still laugh when we see it happen to someone else. It rekindles the thoughts of how we once made similar mistakes ....

Sister and her friend came to stay over at home for a few days since their college is closed due to holidays. Sister being the ever caring host is all worried about being a perfect hostess to her friend.Since Mummy went to Banglore to be with my elder sister, Linsy took up the job of being the home maker.

Seeing her beloved brother (a.k.a me) all running around for various things, offered to do the purchase of vegetables etc. I too thought great it saves me some headache and gave her the go ahead.

The things that followed were funny. Towards the evening after a successful attempt to make biryani (ofcourse the rice got mashed and sticky), she explained her day out.

Hearing it I burst at the seams laughing. For starters, she asked for about a quarter kilo of green chilies. The shop keeper was aghast and asked her if she seriously wanted so much and suggested she take 100 grams. Sister the ever knowing, realized she was out of sorts and accepted his decision. Soon everything was like that. She ordered bananas and saw him give her one banana as per her specifications, later corrected to One Kilo of banana. I think experience has taught her a good lesson today. They are hilarious but I think it made her better today.

Experience is a good teacher and no amount of cooking at home could prepare her to understand what quantities she should look for when buying.

As she told all this, it brought back memories when I went to the shop as a child and tried to purchase things for the first time.

It was hilarious and I laughed a lot. Finally sister has learnt to buy her vegetables!!!! (hahahahaha)

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