Silence of growth & Solitude ..

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Among the hundreds you are,
Among friends and family you are,
Among well wishers you are!
Yet why do thy feel lonely,
Yet why do one crave for the solitude?

In this hour, why do thee want to merge with the shadows?
Why doeth thee wish to become the background?
Why do thee want to belong only to the past?

Live do you among the billion India uncouth,
Bumbling streets, thronged markets,
Road block after road block..Yet thee feels lonely?

As people flock to churches, temples, mosques,
You but seem to be invisible..
Yet every moment you are visible.
The solitude is but what you craveth forth..
Connected are thy 24/7 to the world,
Phones, television, cell phone, internet..
Yet thee lies in bed, mechanically doing daily things..
Bare necessities met, no more dreams to pursue,
No more wishes but to disappear amongst the masses

In this solitude, but I wish to walk among the plants
The flowers that bloom not caring forth for my presence,
The trees that sway not knowing that I am here,
As the young leaves grow and spread themselves for sunshine
You are but invisible benefactors of their growth..
Something you can appreciate only in solitude..

So mysterious is the silence they grow with,
For all matters, growth is but a silent phenomenon..
You wonder at the noise when the trees fall..
And realize end and destruction is always noisy..
In your solitude you grow in thoughts..
In solitude, you think about yourself..
In solitude, you humble yourself.

This solitude has enveloped me..
For what I have no one can understand,
For what I feel no one can fathom..
Judge can everyone, but budge I cannot
So I welcome this solitude to grow on thee
For the world is clearer ..
as the solitude brings you to divinity...

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Thank You! Lijoe

Thank You! Lijoe

Hi Chakky, this is a good

Hi Chakky, this is a good one. Solitude is beautiful ! :-)

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