A Shadow I stood

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A shadow I stood, all silent...
By day I rose, by night I fell,
But I was there always,
Whatever she did, I watched in silence,
Sometimes I had company, many times not

I could not be heard, nor be felt,
I passed over whatever she passed,
I watched her share joys around,
Her laughter I could sense, the mimics I see..
Sometimes I was big, sometimes small,
But it never mattered to her anymore..
She cursed this indivisibility,
She felt peace, when the lights were off,
For sometime, I no longer reminded..

But some fates are destined inseparable,
Some lives remain entwined...
A shadow I was to suffer in silence,
A shadow that but can only be casted..
Sometimes I gave shade to those who wanted to hide,
But choices I did not have any,
when I chose to be the shadow,Inseparable yet helpless..

I watched many a sunrise, I slept many a sunset..
But only to watch, yet helpless to do ,
A shadow I stood, all silent...
By day I rose, by night I fell...

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