Seven Years of Work

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Time passeth the man who moveth with wind
Not knowing when it started nor stopped….
He counts not his achievements,
He sees only what he has created,
He came with time...
Alas, The same time toketh him away,
But his passion left a legacy that untold millions benefitted….

As I sat for the Review Meeting for the quarter, It just struck me; It’s been 7 years! I am completing 7 great years in Poornam on March 6th 2009.

Time has actually flown by... From the innocent fresh kid who joined 7 years back not knowing a thing, here I was doing a management review meeting, looking at the progress from a apprehensive fresher scared by big big terms like kernel recompiles etc to ROI, Attrition Rates, Operational efficiency and so on..

I suddenly feel old.. only age wise though, heart wise I still am young. I still play pranks and I am still passionate about whatever I do.

I still remember those early days like it was yesterday. My elation at getting a job, 4 continous months of night shift, when there was nothing for us to do, other than work. Cochin did not have all these eateries, malls and even these roads that you see today. Slow connections, slow machines, the hot summers…. but we definitely had our good times too. We had complete access to the kitchen and someone or the other always brought something to snack, which we shared.

When I think about passion towards Poornam, it reminds me of the day when lightning struck V.C Valley, not once, but twice! When lightning struck, the only thing it burned out was our telephone line through which we got our 64kbps net connection. This meant, all our work went to a standstill and it could have even closed us down, if we did not do something fast. (We did not have much choices then, wipro provided us our net connection and their office was opposite Abad Plaza and bandwidth was exorbitantly costly for our small income to afford mulitple connections). Amar had this old Premier Padmini and there was Lakshmi with her Maruti Zen; they were the only ones with cars that was regularly with us. Next thing I know is that, we pack 7-8 machines with their CRT monitors in these two cars, push in additional people, everyone who had a bike took theirs and we rushed to the Wipro (their ISP division) office to set ourselves up and we worked 24/7 to get our work done.

It was a do or die situation for us and we did not think twice. Wipro fixed the connection for us in a couple of days and we returned with our systems back to the office. Alas, the same thing happened again, a few days later and we were back in Wipro’s office again. It was a mad rush and I dont think Amar had to even ask anyone to stay over for those additional hours. It was understood that we had a crisis and we were not going to give up easily. The passion we showed towards Poornam then, was not because we expected it to become a 300 people company, but it was the enthusiasm and energy we showed towards what we had and the results came on its own for us to see today..

I sometimes wonder, if we had done our work half heartedly; would we have grown to see all this? Would we have been here to experience the smile on each of my co-workers' face? We never then knew this was going to be the result of what we did that day...

Life is not just about being happy and living the way we want, but it is all about being 100% committed to what we do.Whether its our personal life, our work or in our case Poornam. Work takes 8 hours of our day whether we like it or not. This is going to be the case till we are 60-65 years old. The best way to go about it is to complete those 8 hours with passion towards what we do so that we can contribute our best, if not for ourselves, at least for those who depend on us. Passion in doing whatever we have to do is the most important success factor.

Seven years down the line, I have no regrets and if I have achievements to talk about, it is because I have been passionate about Poornam. I can look back and say through the highs and lows in my life here, that its been the passion that has driven me and gotten me over my individual problems.

I still miss my old friends and there are many things that I have endured as well as enjoyed during my last seven years.Whatever said and done the last 3 years were my most memorable ones and the ones I cherish a lot.. I sometimes wish I can go back into the past and change decisions of mine that could have changed many things in my life for the better. But I still passionately believe in what my heart says is true and Poornam is one such passion of mine...

Thank you Poornam & Amar, Kishore, Sangeetha for giving me this life, aim and these seven years...

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i understand da and thanks

i understand da and thanks for the wishes..

Good for you...The funny

Good for you...The funny thing is i always thought about such stuff and things didnot turn out the exact way.not sure what feeling i possess today for the company i am working for.the only thing i have learnt after my experience is "not to love ones company.It hurts when things break"..But different people have different stories and their fates differ ,so no big deal...anyway Congrats on your 7th anniversary :)...i might touch 6 yrs within the next week and i will be forced to let go :)


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