Second Chances ?

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I was hearing the other day on that Adebayor, a successful player for Arsenal suddenly feels he is underpaid and over worked and thats why he wants to move to a club that will pay him more. And his justifications for this decision despite all his loyal fans and the club that brought him to glory is that we only get one chance in life to make it!

It made me thinking, is God/Destiny/Fate all about having one chance in life? Is it that we can make one mistake and correct it, but the second one will not be able to? I felt sad when I heard it; basically because I believe like everyone else that life is about hopes and aspirations. Every time we make a mistake, if we do not learn from it, we suffer something but if our desires are strong we can correct it and choose the path we feel was apt. When I read," Who moved my Cheese?", it highlighted those same characteristics in the mice. Some who take steps to correct it without thinking; others who take the chance the second time and some who totally fail, worrying that they have no chances in life and just hope blindly..

Which category are you?

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