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My first car was a  Black Scorpio. I had it for almost three years. It was my dream vehicle. Ever since it was first displayed, the Mahindra Scorpio was the first SUV, that made me fall head over heels in love. I could never imagine a small car in place of it.

The majestic vehicle was crowned The Car of the Year 2003 when I bought it. It was my sister's wedding and my parents were abroad, so we never had a car in India.  When this situation came, the option was two fold, one take a car on rental and complete the formalities or second buy a car. Of course with me working in India, Option two was what I was looking forward to. My dad wanted to buy a small car. For me the logic did not sink in. For a family of six and give or take grandma being with us or not coming with us, we needed for any family function to seat a minimum of 6 people. With grandma its seven, so then why a small car?

I finally convinced logic into my dad, made him shell out the initial payment of 2 lakhs and went on to take the rest 5 lakhs on car loan from ICICI Bank Ltd. The car came and I was so hung by its beauty, being a diesel vehicle, its silence, smoothness and its refined acceleration (Being turbo charged engine, it had to cross 2000 rpm before it started up and then the car becomes the beast). The feather touch steering wheel and the raised platform that helped me for a change , look down at people.
(yeah yeah being 165 cm tall doesn't give you much chance to look down at others in normal situations!!)
My Scorpio: This is my beautiful Mahindra Scorpio...many trips many trips have by gone with this gem of a car..My Scorpio: This is my beautiful Mahindra Scorpio...many trips many trips have by gone with this gem of a car..

The vehicle was a beauty and I loved it and was proud to own it. I drove it for around forty thousand kilometers. It never failed me on the way. I once even fell with my whole family into a paddy field with it and escaped with no one being harmed, except grandma's collar bone fracture. I actually drove the car home after it and only needed to replace a door. This is after falling into a field 3-4 meters below road level. Scorpio's only problem was with handling curves at high speed and this was one testimonial to it!

It was my company's favorite vehicle. Whenever there was a marriage or function in office, the Scorpio was my savior, everyone wanted to come with me (Specially the girls!!). Every trip was planned with Chakky kept in the picture and it was a nice time of driving. I love driving a lot and hence I always enjoyed taking up the job of the dignified chauffeur. Whenever we stopped at a function or place, a bunch of 6-7 girls all dressed in lovely saris ensured that my beloved Scorpio made the majestic entry with all eyes on him. It gave me a steady mileage of 10-11 km per liter of diesel which was pretty decent but not too good when its used by a single traveler, traveling 40 km a day.

But alas I had to sell it off. One fine day I woke up on the wrong side of the bed I think! For a moment I felt, while my friends have bank balances, homes or investments; Here I only had a Scorpio that guzzled in diesel. Yes I loved to drive it around, but end of the day with the monthly installments, the fuel costs and the drives, I was saving nothing. I had gone to US for a small visit because I was selected by Rotary International to represent India on a rotary exchange program called GSE for one month.

On my return, the dilapidated condition of the car, all moss on the seats, front windshield cracked, battery drained and the tires looking worn out; I just felt I could not keep this car anymore and handle the soon coming expenses to replace all those things. Somehow God plays a very funny role. He decides, in a moment, to give you an opportunity that will substantiate your thoughts, give you the opportunity to do something foolish and make you decide against something you love.

I fell for that. From where I do not know those thoughts came in. Out of the blue my sister (7 months pregnant at that time!)called up to inquire if I was interested to buy the flat at Bangalore where they were staying as an investment! I fell for it, I went to the banks and they said my car loan would play havoc with the amount I would get for home mortgage. I decided to sell and after checking for about two weeks, I decided to drop the plan as I once again started falling in love with my car. But on that fateful day just as I was leaving home to office a buyer came with the price I had in mind and inside half hour the deal was struck. I do not remember what happened the rest of the day, I know Gemi and Jayesh was with me and helped move me back to office etc. The minute I took the money in my hand, I felt as though I had cheated someone. I do not know for one moment this car became something so close to me and even today I have not fully lost the nostalgia of my beloved Scorpio, my first car!

Everyone said I could never downgrade after starting with such a vehicle. But I did! I downgraded to the next The Car of the Year 2006” , the Maruti Swift. It was another car that I first laid my eyes on when I was sitting in US and reading about its launch. It's mini cooper like out of the box design, its menacing looks and the red color caught my heart's fancy. For an introvert, this is the perfect machine that would make me race to my heart's content.

My Swift..: This is my beloved swift with memories to cherish...Bought it on November 17th 2005. Its beautiful..My Swift..: This is my beloved swift with memories to cherish...Bought it on November 17th 2005. Its beautiful..
So here I went buying the Maruti Swift . I love the car, though in less than one year I have had seen it scratch more times than I can count and had to show it on more than six occasions to the workshop for accident claims, I still love this car! If it were not for Ramesh of Sai Service Station, whose excellent customer service ensured that I never felt anything wanting on how things have proceeded.

Its power, its exhilarating control at turns, easy maneuverability all made me a big fan of this car. Its cock pit styled sitting is great fancy to look at but it does impede one to view the road and corners well making scratches, dents a common event specially if someone else who is not familiar with the vehicle takes it.

Recently I got it fitted with K&N Filter and the vehicle has become really smooth and quiet and the mileage has increased from 12.58 km per liter of petrol to 14.55 km per liter of petrol with airconditoned full time. The drive being smooth, the body being built heavy and its looks make it a killer.

The Scorpio has given me lot of memories in the forms of trips and group outings. The nostalgia I have will never subside and I am sure I will take a new advanced Scorpio as my next car if everything goes well in my life. The swift on the other hand has been about me the individual and the moments I have spent alone and with personal memories. These memories are etched for life whatever happens from here on and every moment I live, the swift days will be something I will always cherish...

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Excellently written article,

Excellently written article, if only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up! divx movie

I remember Jayesh, how can I

I remember Jayesh, how can I forget.. that was a moment that still haunts me.. Did I do the right thing, I dont know..but I know I loved that car ..

Lijoe Antony Chakiath
"To the world you might be one person, but to one
person you just might be the world..."

Chakky....I still remember

Chakky....I still remember the last day of "our" Scorpio. Felt really sad when i saw you handing over the keys and other documents.

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