Sands of Time

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A child was playing with his father on the beach, when the child all lovingly asked his father, "Can I carry some sand with me to take home? I love the beach, I want to take some with me to build sandcastles at home!"

The father laughed a hearty laugh and said Son, "Fine take it and lets go make it so!"

The kid was all excited and they filled a bucket of sand and took it home. They laid it in a corner of their garden. The first time they made a castle it stood for sometime. Happy and excited the child went to sleep and when he came back happily in the morning he found his sand castle had collapsed. He was so sad and he tried to make it again. But however much he tried, the sand just collapsed. He went all tears to his father," My sandcastle is not forming, the sand is collapsing father! What will I do?".

Father told him about how to wet the sand and when it was at the right wetness it would stand strong to form the castle. It worked well but every time the boy left it for sometime like he did at the beach, it just collapsed. The boy however tried it many times and realized it would never stand. So he went back to his father asking why it would never stand like it did always in the beach.

Father smiled and told,"The sand belongs to the beach. When you took it from there, it was no longer nurtured by the sea and so it collapses."

The boy was then more sad because he felt he did a wrong thing, so he pleaded with his father and they went back to the beach to put the sand where it belonged...

As the boy was throwing the sand into the sea so that it became one again, the boy was in tears again as he realized this sand had been with him for many days. So the final handful of sand he held in his hand real hard. His father seeing it said, "Son, hold the sand as tightly as you can in your hand and dip your hand in the sea. Whatever sand remains it is yours."

The boy obediently did it only to realize that the sand was ebbing out of through his fingers and the harder he held, more of it went until finally he had very few sand particles remaining.. He was even more sad, but his father hugged him and told him son,"Nothing is forever, be happy as long as it lasts. When it has to go, it will, however hard you try you can never stop it.. It will leave its footprints behind for you to remember, but it will go its due course..."

After some time the boy after crying enough slept off. When he woke up he slowly started playing with new sand and was all excited and forgot about the old sand.. The father seeing this smiled, his eyes pondered onto the horizon as he took a look at the ancient match box in his pocket that he brought with him whenever he came to the beach that was filled with sand and smiled......

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