Sacrifices and Giving Up

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When a person Sacrifices all he loves, is it right?
When a person ignores his wishes and rights and decides his life will be governed by destiny, is it what we call God's Hand?

I always wondered whenever someone says they sacrificed something in life, is it really worth it? For others looking on from outside, they may feel we did a great deed or sad deed, but what about us?

Many a time in life, when we do for others wishes and trust; we are then held captive by their decisions. The only change in our lives is that we achieve the things "they" feel we should achieve... Not what we want to achieve.

The other day when I was talking to elders about arranged marriages, one of the first things that was brought up is, for any marriage, sacrifice is the key. But then I was thinking, if sacrifice is the key to any relationship, what does it lock? A relationship or personal desires...

Does it really make marriages work or does it build up negative feelings within oneself that tends to change the outlook of the world to that of one that is cruel and of one that decides what we have to do or be in this world..

What does it make us Social beings or Independent thinkers?

I have a friend who is so dead against marriages cause he feels he cannot live by a leash. At 34(for an Indian Guy), he is now maybe what everyone here judges as almost past the stage where people can tie (what in his view is called a leash or) what we call a marriage.. Still his parents do not relent. From their experience living in this world, they feel it is not right biologically, socially or even for survival during old age! They want to see his heir..

Forget the fact that he does not want to settle down in life but same time he wants to be a free bird. Do you think he will be happy after marriage? Unless God's Hand or Destiny gives him a wife who is equally fond of freedom, he will be in two minds and have to decide on his choices available...

Does it mean we should never sacrifice?

We should categorize our desires to Sacrifices and then things we can Give Up. If what we call sacrifice is something most important to us in our lives, we should not do it if we have a choice... End of the day we will regret it always.. If its something we can Give Up when we reach a cross road, in life without ever regretting it, then it helps build healthy relationships since the other party also knows you give that importance to his word...

End of the day two people in any relationship where each one is thinking for the other's sake I have sacrificed this, else I would have become something else is doing the biggest mistake of creating a mental block in his or her realm with the other person such that it is difficult to overcome.. It will always eat you! And however much pleasant you become trying to hide it; it will keep surfacing. So before you decide to sacrifice your most important desires in your life, think twice.

Its easier said than done. Society can make your life miserable so if your not strong enough; Sacrifice and try to get over it...The ones who know you will call you a fool or a respect you your strength when faced with adversity..but its your life and you go to move on as time never stops.

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new look.. but doesn't look

new look.. but doesn't look like chakky.. :-)

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