Sabbath -- The Day to Rest, Recuperate...

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The Book of Genesis says,
"2:1 The heavens and the earth were completed with everything that was in them.2:2 By the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing, and he ceased on the seventh day all the work that he had been doing. 2:3 God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it he ceased all the work that he had been doing in creation."

Even God takes a day's rest for all that he does during his week...

I take my weekly holidays mostly on Thursday. One of my primary reasons was that since its a working day for other organizations as well as shops & establishments, I can use the day to do a multitude of things. Pay electricity bills, get people in for maintenance works, purchase groceries and so on and so forth. I used to always believe that we should work when we feel like and rest when we need to; until the past couple of months changed my entire view...

As soon as Easter got over during the last week of March 2007, it had become a mad rush among my friends to get married. So it was like my working days on Sunday included driving kilometers together to attend marriages and then being back at work. Weekdays too went for such functions and in between mom had fallen ill too. With all these coming in at the same time, my life changed to a 16 hour days 7 days a week with no respite. I felt burnt out and I even wondered what I needed to do to get some break. Staying at home would never solve the never ending list of things to do.

When I had sorted everything and thought cool let me take some rest; next thing I know the first day of thunder showers and a lightening strike burnt out a couple of fans, lighting, television and a inverter. I then ran around to sort that out. In this way went my time during the past two months.

Today I decided I was going to get myself into a bed arrest. :) For the first time in many months I spent close to 16 hours in bed, reading books or sleeping. My mom came in a couple of times to give me chores, but I decided today was Sabbath for me. I ignored any and all responsibilities and end of the day I feel better already. For a moment, the day was mine to laze. After a long time I read a novel that too of one of my favorite authors, Robert Ludlum. Though he passed away there are novels still coming out co-authored by some others. They are good to read. For sometime I was lost in the maze of mystery, intrigue, deceit, drudgery, spy works, gunshots, murder and clandestine operations. Out of the real world and into a world woven to take your mind off everything you could associate with.

I think I should do this more often else the work-home chores life cycle will burn one self out, just like I did in the past two months. I understood the real meaning of Sabbath today when the break ensured I had a fresher view on why we should take our breaks in a timely way.

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