A retching start to 2009

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Well I was hoping 2009 would start of on a better note. 2 days ML (medical leave) later, I am still thinking is this the start I wanted?

Well I guess food poisoning is a part and parcel of my life however careful I am.. or maybe I am sensitive to it. But this time around, it was one of the worst ever I went through. To start retching at 8 am in the morning and end up retching even at 10 pm at night that too after two forced injections.. well it was a nightmarish 2nd January. I had to run out of one of the hospitals to prevent them from fixing up a butterfly and do a glucose drip.By nightfall, I was even willing to go myself and get the drip done...

I never felt so weak that I needed someone just to take a step.. Guess its a weak beginning to a long 2009.

Vomiting till the bile comes that too as yellow as it can be and non stop . One moment freezing like I am in Antarctica and the next moment retching my guts out full of slimy yellow juice, well it can be extremely tiresome.

One good thing though was that 2kg worth of body weight went out of me. It should come back when I start having solid food again.. As of today I am a walking zombie, thinking just what went wrong for such a start to the New Year and trying to get myself to take one step at a time and get back to life..

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working

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Thanks Shiv..:)

Thanks Shiv..:)

Endaa ithu, oru control okke

Endaa ithu, oru control okke veende. Tinnumbol swantham varayaanu ennu vijarikkande ???

Happy new vayar.. sorry year.

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