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I was pondering about big companies and what drives them. Reading about how Mukesh Ambani is the richest indian in India and then about Anil Ambani being worth close to Rupees 60,000 crores (13.2 billion dollars) now, I was shell shocked.

"After toppling state-run energy giant ONGC as India's largest corporate house among listed entities after more than four years, RIL's market cap has further swelled to over Rs 1,65,000 crore taking Mukesh Ambani's net worth based on his shareholding in group companies to more than Rs 70,000 crore.Ambani's elevation has pushed Wipro's Azim Premji to the second position with a net worth of about Rs 64,700 crore" from Rediff website. (4 crores ~ 1 million)

Reading from there on,clicking a few links, I reached a part about Tata group’s two CEO’s two main hotshots :
Ramadorai who heads TCS and Muthuraman who heads Tata Steel.

They spoke a lot about their company growth and the times they have been through.

For one moment I put myself in their shoes, tried to imagine their lifestyles. I was thinking what drives them. What difference I saw between them and me was first and foremost, they decided to put their work first over everything else.Their lifestyles are impossible for the Chakky of today!

I was awed just thinking about their almost 16-18 hour work hours in a day. Do they ever fall ill? I dont know..

They are billion dollar enterprises with the best people around, but they too started small. They came in as freshers spent 20-30 years working their way up.

I was thinking today Poornam is at that point where these choices need to be made by us. Put in hundred percent and see things move up or if we are half hearted, like all good things have to come to an end, we will see the downside too.

We can all create systems and say systems prevent us from ever depending on an individual. But every successful big corporation, with their hundreds of systems, highly qualified managers and employees still have their so called dispensable leaders/ people putting in 10-16 hours a day to see the growth they are seeing.

We have been lucky to have been blessed with a good group of people and growth without much problems. What we have lost is because of what we have done wrong, sometimes because we relaxed. Many times like Amar points out, it happened because we got into our own personal shell with our personal issues.

But today I was in deep thought. If Ramadorai or Muthuraman were in my shoes would they have been working only the 8 hours? Would they have spent time worrying and complaining about how they get less quality personal time when they know 200 plus families look on to them to live their dreams?

Did I not take this responsibility with earnest intention of doing a good job or did I take up this job because I was pushed into it by someone who believed in me?

Do I have it in me to spend the long hours demanded by the job to see things through.. the effort to repeatedly blow my head over to get things moving or would I worry about simple logistics like how would I come to office twice for meetings keeping distance in mind?

We are lucky to have 210 people and if things go well, we will reach 250 people mark by the first month of 2007. But are we as a team, as a group and as the leaders here, ready to go to the 1000 or 10000 employee mark ? Time will tell.. or so I hope ..

"The Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step .. "

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