Rape -- The Curse of an Educated Society and whims of Cowardly Men ..

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"My aunt, who is a psychiatrist in Manchester, UK, and specialises in dealing with sexually abused and rape victims, tells me that physically, a rape victim heals rapidly, but the mental and emotional damage does not. The sense of shame, hurt, betrayal, depression, nightmares and even sexual dysfunction can continue for years. If sex was just another act, why such deep trauma?"

This was a very eye catching news I read in a very well written article by a woman Sarah Ribak, who just turned 30. She is a virgin and its her views on the new upcoming society. It was written in a very famous Indian Website rediff.com and the link to the article is No sex please! I'm single

Why did this catch my eye? Well yes, rape is a unseen horror that destroys the very fabric of a woman and everything that she lived for.

Rape is the act of forcing penetrative sexual acts, against his or her will through violence, force, threat of injury, or other duress, or where the victim is unable to decline, due to the effects of drugs or alcohol. Rape is considered one of the most serious sex crimes in almost all jurisdictions.

There are still people who feel that they can force themselves on others and escape from it easily and most of the time, the women due to Social Disgrace or Fear, keeps silent about it and destroys their lives. If it happens within the purview of marriage, then the relatives, friends, family all try to comfort the girl saying accept it as she has to live with the guy for the rest of their lives. Will she be able to accept, that is of no one's concern, only the social dogma needs to be addressed by the others.

As observed by Justice Arjit Pasayat:
" While a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female."

It took a few confident women and men who decided that they would not give in to social disgrace threat in lieu of silently suffering rape that made many landmark cases to come to verdict and for people to know there is some hope and not everyone needs to suffer it silently anymore. Education is the key in it and I just hope our country that is literate yet ignorant one day reaches the stage where people know what they want and their rights rather than just adjust within societal pressure.

Why do people rape? In most cases you find the people with more education, more money and who show a decent face to their relatives, mother, sisters are the sort who turn out to be animals out of control in such situations. Is our education system moving backwards one tends to ponder...

A guy should have enough maturity to know the implications of such forceful acts. A mistake can destroy two lives, the victims as well as the individual who would have otherwise been a very successful person. If it gets known out, it would disgrace anyone associated to him. Yet in moment of fury he forgets it all..

Men who commit rape are cowards I feel who take out their physical urges shamelessly. Their lack of ability/confidence to stand up and face other men on equal footing making them take it upon the physically weaker female!. Can you imagine how you would feel if you stand in front of a elephant gone amoke. Think of yourself in that case and think of a girl facing a guy normally bigger than her! What can she do other than cower and fear and succumb finally whether married or unmarried, experienced or virgins!

I guess that would be a befitting treatment to such guys, put them in a pen with a elephant thats gone under musk! Let them feel the pain, the fear and the inability to fight back. I am sure they will never go near a elephant after that!

Recently a hospital janitor who had raped the patient who had come with burns to a hospital in Kerala was finally convicted and justice was meted out. This, the rape and murder of a BPO woman in Bangalore and the above article brought me back to think on these lines and for once I feel sorry at the guys who decide rape is the best option to overpower a woman without thinking of the long term consequences.

Some Reference Links on this for empowering oneself and understanding what should not be done:


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I guess that would be a

I guess that would be a befitting treatment to such guys, put them in a pen with a elephant thats gone under musk! Let them feel the pain, the fear and the inability to fight back. I am sure they will never go near a elephant after that!

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