Purpose of Life...

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As the sun rose, a new day began,
Open did I my life to a new day..
For what is it that you exist?
For what purpose is your life?

Everyday for the past 28 years of my life, I have been asking this question to myself. What is the purpose of my life? What do I want to become?

When I was a child, I used to imagine, I would grow up, start working, live my life the way I want to and enjoy life. I used to imagine myself starting to work early in life and retire early. When you are a child, you want to be that adult who decides things for himself, who has the freedom to do things and a job to purchase the things you want..

Now when I have reached that stage, I have realized that childhood was much better.. No responsibilities, lots of free time and nothing much to worry about. We can never just do what we want. We are craftily and ably guided by our progress in life to restrict our actions and do what is apt in Society.

As I think of the purpose of my life, I know Money has not been of prime importance to me. For me it is something that comes and goes, something you need to know everything about, understand its value but never die for..But I know a lot of people who find happiness in saving that penny, who love to see their bank balance swell and tell them how successful they are and who feel anguished at spending money.

Then I know people who live because they are passionate about what they do each day. They don't worry about anything else. They can live in the bare minimum. For them success is the acknowledgment of their work and contributions.

I know some people who attend interviews of companies just to understand their worth. They are happy with the jobs but their mindset is such that they are like school children who want to write tests, be compared with the best and know their relative standings in life. They cannot define it themselves or find happiness with what they have achieved so far with their lives..

I feel sorry for them cause someday they will run out of people to compare with and they will go into depression...

There is nothing wrong in it though, because it is this diversity in Human thought processes that makes us all so innovative and superior to most animals/living beings.

But when all these people do things, I wonder for a moment, have they or will they ever reach the plain of thought where they no longer matter? Do people ever think that their life is more important for a bigger and better cause..

When do we stop thinking about ourselves and do more about others? Obviously I can never go ask a person starving for food to go and think about others. I can neither ask a patient dying to worry about the world around him..

India today has surplus Software Engineers. Not enough says Nasscom to meet the requirements available. For every American/European Software Engineer, we replace with 5-10 Indian Engineers, cost wise. Indian Engineers work hard but rarely smart and jump jobs faster. So the numbers justify the redundancy required.

A recent study on the demand/supply of Software Professionals highlighted a few points:
a) India does not produce enough Personnel to meet the existing Opportunities available for Outsourced Services, though we churn out 400,000 plus Engineers annually.
b) There is a scarcity among the graduates produced who have enough quality to do the Outsourced works prescribed. In short employable educated youth is still lagging the run rate of graduates we produce.
c) This is resulting in a high demand for skilled manpower which is creating a environment of higher salaries for those qualified. People are madly jumping jobs for pay.
d) Higher the salaries, the lesser the work being outsourced to India because it is no longer cost effective.

In short we are reaching the saturation point, something that happened to the so called Asian Tigers during the past two decades and something being seen in the emerging Indian Scenario.

But who listens? No one cause the first and foremost thing you realize is people follow trends. They dont see what they want, they see the relative progress of others and their paths and try to follow it.

They dont realize what they want in their lives until its too late... Find the purpose of your life and you will find happiness in what you do...

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