Perfecting the World

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"If you give me six hours to cut a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe", Abraham Lincoln.

Perfecting the way we do things has been a topic of discussion ever since we have been trying to do repetitive and similar activities.

I always wake up thinking of perfecting the world I live in. An impossible endeavor and sometimes the source of my frustration and others frustration. Maybe it could be one of the reasons why I lose hair.

For some people money is what matters. Others like me though money is a concern, it is no more important than the creation of a perfect world. I sometimes wonder, what was lacking in my home, that I decided to make such wide scale changes, but I guess it is a affliction I have had since childhood. I am not someone who wants to keep things tidy and clean, but I am someone who always feel secure when things are done right.

Seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake in China recently and disturbing facts such as the pillars of the buildings that were used as schools did not have iron reinforced in concrete just got me real concerned. The building they had may not have looked great and that is not my concern; But the reality that people felt it was ok to reduce the use of iron reinforcement in pillars to reduce cost or to make profits was a shocker. This is what I mean about my rules of perfection.

I am not considering to chain my future to buy a Mercedes Benz to have a perfectionist's vehicle. But for me a perfect vehicle is something that has the essentials in terms of power, refinement, comfort and at the same time affordable to me. For this I am ready to spend. But to most people this sort of perfection is not understood. They think of their money as either investment or loss.

For me money is just a intermediary that is needed to create the perfect things I need and sometimes it is used to experiment.

One of the first things I did when I got my first salary was to buy a gift for my grandmother and secondly to test the share market waters. It did not bother me for a moment that all that I earned from a month of toil was equated to zero, but it gave me a satisfaction that I did something my heart desired.

Perfection is something I always advice people to work for, cause it helps us in the long run. Sometimes it may end up being costly but at the same time we should understand our lives were lived in a higher quality. We cannot go back to our past and try change this once we have passed the stages..

It is one thing to toil to bear the fruits of what we do and it is another thing to be born with a golden spoon. Perfection does not mean run to the most comfortable life you can get, but is your developing yourself to reach from the uncut diamond stage to become a sparkling diamond. It wont be easy and it wont be fun; At times you wil get ridiculed too but when you have perfected it in your league, you will end leaving a legacy and at the same time you will appreciate God and Nature that evolved to so much perfection and wonder how? ...

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