Pavlov's Dog

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Science has taught us many things and one of the best experiments that showed how living organisms react to stimuli was Pavlov's Dog experiment.

Today its an attribute everyone can link themselves to. Every action results in a reaction. Depending on the magnitude of feelings it creates within the mind of the other person, the resulting memory can cause a similar reaction in similar situations. This is what we call learning.

If you look at most management books that try to improve personality, this is one aspect that they all try to ascertain they adhere to. One is to ensure positive language throughout. Second is to continuously keep creating scenarios and how to positively react to it. What they do is like Pavlov, training the person to react to a stimulus differently then what they would actually have done if they were to do it using their own judgement.

The factor called proactivity is a misnomer as most proactivity are learned skills, taught from case studies. A baby born, cries to take in air and also to inform its mother when its hungry. Over a period of time, we positively give attention to the baby whenever it smiles, whenever it is calm and quiet and this makes the baby slowly learn what actions it should take to get attention and positive reaction.

Very seldom do you find people doing something that comes to them naturally.This is because of the criticisms they need to face from society, the failure, probable loss of name and prestige and the so called ripple effect that would spread the pain to anyone related to you.

The so called uniqueness of man is another thing which people speak off but seldom understand. For example take the case of two individuals brought up in two different societies. One is a vegetarian and the other non-vegetarian. Who made them different? Its a result of their upbringing. They dont eat vegetarian food out of choice, its what they were trained to live on from their child hood. Whatever examples you take in life, this is one thing you will find. Some super genius person prescribed that so and so is the way of life and everyone who respected this genius decided this is the right course of action and followed the way to create religions, mannerisms and social cultures and rules.

What makes a King different from a commoner? Why does the king make the rule and the commoner follow it saying its right? Why does it not happen the other way round? If we are sure that the blood that flows through human veins are same and if we believe that each individual has been given a brain, do you think that some need to be the rule-maker and others the rule followers? Does the same rules apply to everyone?

We hear today a lot of criticisms that fear is bad, fighting is bad. Sex without marriage is sin and so on. Scientists on the other hand says our genes give us flight and fright hormones called adrenaline that makes us fight or run away when faced with potential danger. Testesterone and oestrogen are the hormones in male & females respectively that make them what they are and makes them procreate. Do these hormones need marriage certified persons in order to be activated?

It all does come back to the common philosophy that God created man, gave him privileges. Next thing you know man filters god and his actions and says this is right and that is wrong. Finally the scholar in his attempt to justify this, says its all God's will  and so it happens ! They forget that these laws were penned down by man and they actually undermine what God created.

Are we not today so much conditioned that the act of not brushing our teeth makes us feel unclean ? If we do not bathe or rub the perfumed soap on ourselves feel that our natural God given body odour is unclean ?

Pavlov realized the biggest flaw with God's creatures is simply that. They prefer not to think and instead love to follow whoever can think and then put all justifications on God. A girl is trained from her childhood that the man is the head of the family and in very conservative religions its the law and this makes them sacrifice whatever they have for the word written. Why were religions not created by Women I sometimes wonder. Where would we have been in such religions...Ask Pavlov, he may give a solution..

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So is the cat of Thorndike,

So is the cat of Thorndike, who defined learning to trial and error. From a mistake to the succs is created with each trial one makes. And the next time when the same scenario pops up, the door is unloacked with an easy key...

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