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“We generate our own environment. We get exactly what we deserve. How can we resent a life we've created ourselves? Who's to blame, who's to credit but us? Who can change it, anytime we wish, but us?” --Richard Bach

I was just thinking back to the days when Poornam had started. My friends then, my friends now and the friends who have left in between...

I realized one thing, the ones who have remained here for the past 4 to 6 years are the ones who are passionate about the work they do. They are the ones who see beyond the peer salary today or the higher education opportunities. These are the people who stabilize the ship called Poornam on its journey into the deep seas...

Along the way, we have taken in people needy for a job. They have left without a wink when they found a better pay! We have taken people whose life ambition was to take higher degrees, they spent their time in Poornam preparing for their higher studies, doing just enough to make sure one more day passed. We have taken misfits whom no other company would based on their cut off marks, they too think of the company that does it as just a temporary base. For them too to build Poornam so that more such people can be trusted or given a chance is not even a thought in their minds !

We have also taken the doubters. People who never got a job; for whom the job was essential for their self worth. They came in, they complained and they cribbed about the problems they faced out here. When their whinings grew louder we knew they were searching for better opportunities and end of the day they have disembarked to their ports of destination, acting all sad as if they had no choice but to leave due to the apathy of things...

Poornam has always remained the same to me. Every time I welcome new kids in, I do it with positive hope, that we have taken once again people who have passion to the work they are going to undertake, who are going to be the ones to take us to the next level, but always in each lot there comes the profiteers who take only what they want and leave with what they have.

I have a friend Sojish here. He is a excellent motivator of people and he pushes the ones who have the capability to take up better things to do well. He has but one small problem, he does not differentiate between the ones who want to remain and the ones who are just parasitic by nature and only look for what they can gain from it; even if we tell him. It has happened a few times too, but he still does go ahead strongly helping out, cause like us, he has a passion, a passion to groom the leaders who will become Poornam tomorrow. In his trial, he makes a lot of false starts but he knows from within his heart, that the true leaders will be the ones who believe in Poornam and not the ones who will try to use it only for their advantage...

Whenever someone capable to be a admin says, I don't want to be, I know its no longer the technical knowledge that they seek that makes them say it, its because they do not want to take the responsibility of leading from the front, its because they do not feel that they should.. their dreams lie elsewhere, in the temporary dreams of earning pays greater than peers or in the brands that turn heads...

It is like your family, when you are ready to shoulder your parents to make their life better you focus on earning and living but when you focus only on yourself, you focus on spending and friends and higher education and freedom...

End of the day, when you leave for the better opportunities, remember the saying in the beginning, it is not the opportunities that made the difference, the priorities in your life is what mattered and you forgot the givers for you have only been a taker...

Passion comes into work when time after time, day after day, you work harder to justify your pay hikes, to justify your abilities. When you train people your knowledge is shared, you work towards smoother transitions and every time you see the company progress you know you are doing the right thing... when things go backward you know you have to work harder..

I had to take this interview of a System Admin for our internal works. As I went through the interview I realized the company he was working for is close to shutting down and thats why he applied for a job. But as I was discussing this with him I realized he did not actually want to change jobs, his passion was to continue with the company he works for and I realized he wanted to be over there since his role was critical and though it may end soon I gave him the choice to continue where he is working and he took it.. I felt proud of him though he wasted my time and I know such people will do good in their lives..

He was only a system administrator, his job was only mundane, but his passion to what he does, I respected quite a lot because it is something I see lacking in my present generation of peers and juniors. A rush is all I see in them for money, for fame, for brand and for ego satisfaction... Will it take another slow down to let people understand that only the passionates will survive in a company? Its a daunting thought...

Ofocurse we cannot stop the many people who leave due to unforseen circumstances like marriages taking them away or family abject poverty taking hold of them.. but other than this sometimes I dont understand why we take people to Poornam who come only for the sake of meeting their needs...

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Who said I'm wrong ?

[quote=chakky]I have a friend Sojish here. He is a excellent motivator of people and he pushes the ones who have the capability to take up better things to do well. He has but one small problem, he does not differentiate between the ones who want to remain and the ones who are just parasitic by nature and only look for what they can gain from it; even if we tell him.

My logic is simple .... if we've recruited a person , whether a passionate guy or a parasite , its our duty to empower them.

Whether they want to stick on to Poornam or not , is for them to decide.

We need to keep on empowering them as much as we can. It would definitely be beneficial... either for poornam and/or for them and/or for india and/or for someone.

Ask yourself buddy..... "What would you do if you are not afraid of the results ?" .

Keep smiling.

With a smile.

Did I help u..

Btw, since you already left Poornam. I hope we have not done anything to hurt you like your post seems to say.. Someone I had helped is what I guess..So please take it as my personal rantings..
Just that i have a higher emotional co-efficient while taking interviews & never forget the people I have helped based on my gut feelings and know when they have just used and left with no concerns..

Yes I did have..

Dear Anonymous,
The guys from Vanilla, came in on their choice, whether they all are good, I cannot give you 100% gurantee but the majority are good...

I dont think in terms of Vanilla Networks here, so I dont know how I felt then ..

I wont compare myself to a google, cause the funds with google and the funds I have when we pay our people is different and I know we are doing the best we can with what we have.. can Google say the same or even Vanilla?

Walk-ins if you check, we never targetted any company like certain companies have done to us, nor will we .. Blore,chennai,Tvm is the IT capital of respective states and there are hundreds of jobless guys there doing courses hoping to find a job..we went for them and anyone else who wanted to.. Mysore the only different place we went for its proximity to Manglore the student capital of India.. :)..

hehe having 50-50 knowledge doesnt stand you much stead justifying yourself unless your feeling sore about Poornam..

The coin has two sides and is a easy justification but by someone who doesnt know the way Poornam works.. whether poornam rocks or moors or follows the wind..

My views were only about passion to work..which I think only the army has instilled best in its people..


-hmm so did you have the

-hmm so did you have the same feeling when we got so many good guys from Vanilla networks ? I found all of them were good and they are doing great now.

- with these thoughts, why you went for some walk-ins in different parts of the country ? Because you expect someone to jump to Poornam rt ? Then why can't you think abt the reverse case ? Coin has both sides dear..

I know these are your personal feelings though... lets keep Poornam rocking !!

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