One man's Gain ...

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What one man gains is another man's loss,
When one man faces a desert,
When survival is but a mirage,
How can he stand for his instincts
When he is begging all around him
will he choose instincts or logic?

When one faces disaster,
How does he ask someone to stand with him?
Knowing only that consequences forth come..
When you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel,
What courage can you give another?

At such a time, there comes a man to win,
To gather the fruits of victory sweetly done,
Like a vulture he stood, biding his time.
Till the dust settled for he has come to win ..

Amidst the wreckage awakens the one who lost
All aghast and shocked,like a fool!
What he has lost has just sunk in...
Will someone see thy justice?
Will the God above help?
Only time will tell..Only time will tell..
One man's gain is another man's loss.

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True, its not always the

True, its not always the case, but in personal life our mistakes are what makes the difference..:). My mistakes have taught me that..

Needn't be always .........

Needn't be always .........

There is always a "Win-Win" solution ( atleast MBA should have taught you this ) .

When you dont want to lose and when you dont want others also to lose ,
When you dont want to win and when you dont want others also to win ,
you go for Win-win solution. ;-)

On a serious note, Loss and Gain ........ at the end of the day is how you-yourself want see the situation.

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