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Guilty of Crime

Did the accused hear the petition? ... Yes
Did the accused understand the petition? .... Yes
Does the accused plead guilty? .... Yes...

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Sister's Day Out

Sometimes, we go back to the past, remember silly follies we have committed. Though we are wiser today, we still laugh when we see it happen to someone else. It rekindles the thoughts of how we once made similar mistakes ....

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The Beast, my Pulsar 220 DTS-FI

The drive was slow, I was not supposed to accelerate though I was exhilarated. I felt the delivery as I throttled slowly. The bike responded with a fantastic thrust....

Suddenly a car comes along my side, the driver instead of looking at the road, is studying my bike. After satisfying his curiosity, he passes on...

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Winds of Change

As a Baby you came to this world,
As a child mesmerized you were by the world,
As a teenager you rebelled the restrictions,
As a youngster you revelled the challenges...

Suddenly the winds have changed,

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Welcome to Orkut Land..

As I log on to the Internet, I open my browser, take up Orkut and then my mail accounts... Addicted to orkut...:)

Life has changed quite a bit in the past two years since Orkut came in. Out of the blue, I suddenly got in touch with seniors, juniors, college mates, school buddies, Alumni and lot more...

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What can you do?

Times there are in life, when you feel lost,
Times there are in life, when you lose all hope,
Times there are in life, when you give up what you want,
It happens at times when thou are at the lowest ebb,
As the fire dwindles within you...

It is not a lack of focus, just that ideas lose you,
Neither is it intentional, but just a stagnation,

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One Thousand Five Hundred Meters ....

As I ran the final lap, I was breathing in gasps, I felt light headed, the shouts I kept hearing to go on.. It came as if from a distance until finally I crash landed at the ribbon.....

I had come third in the 1500 meter race. It was 1997 and I was in my twelfth standard; My last year in Jabriya Indian School.

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Mobile Alzheimer's

5636900, 3261888-2466, 2513449, 2513151, 9846172692, 2427971, etc are a few numbers I recollect these days.. Once upon a time I was proud I could by rote say at least a 100 telephone numbers.

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Why do we Fight?

Anger Anger, why thou do cometh?
Why do thou make me say things I dont mean?
Why do thou make me feel as if I am lonely?
Why do thou make me want to lash out,
when only good was intended by the words?
Anger such a negative emotion, why do thou haunt thee....

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Speeding through the fast lane of life...

As my swift responded to my downshift, the acceleration almost heart rendering, the curves swished past until suddenly I saw the orange fluorocense on the road side. I pressed my brakes hard and slowed down to the normal speed limits, until I passed the Police Patrol...

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