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Bienvenido 2008

Tick tock tick tock tick tock,
It never stops, it never halts..
It keeps moving on...
Reminding us we are mere mortals..

Another New Year has begun,
Another Year has passed..
How many more will I see,
How many more Resolutions will I make..

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Somebody's Fate ...

Do we know what fate has in store for us?
Do we know when will death come for us?

Do we ever realize that the Sunrise we see today could probably be the last one we ever see?

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Kalypso Adventures

It was in 2001 that I first read a article in the newspaper speaking about people working in Software companies, going out to camps in Munnar for Outbound Trainings. The name Kalypso stuck to my head and things have been rocking since then.

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Purpose of Life...

As the sun rose, a new day began,
Open did I my life to a new day..
For what is it that you exist?
For what purpose is your life?

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Chakky, just wait till its your marriage!!

"As Ajeesh & Lakshmi were sleeping, the first alarm rang. It kept ringing that finally Ajeesh woke up and searched for the alarm clock. He found it on the berth... He switched it off victoriously and then turned to sleep..

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The moon shone brightest yesterday night....
Out from the cloudy sky, it broke free to shine so bright..
The tidal waves were so high, the sea was all excited...
So bright it was that it seemed to dispel gloom,
The world looked so much better and my heart skipped a beat...

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Snow, the First time..

As the first flakes of snow hit the windshield,
My eyes could not believe what it saw,
Like rain droplets they were
Hovering a little, they fell like cotton,blown by a breeze...

As I looked at the horizon, the mountains loomed,
They suddenly looked whiter !
As I kept going on, the tiled roofs looked white!
It was snowing, for the first time & here I was seeing!

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What does it take ...

Wonder do I when things go wrong..
What does it take to get things done...
What does it take I keep asking myself..
For no solutions do I have that is worthy of doing..

When what you want seem so distant...
What does it take to get things done...
What does it take I keep asking myself..

Is it right for me to humble myself..
Is it right for me to implore..

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For the want of an inch...

How valuable can an inch be to a person's life? We never realize it....

When I was in seventh standard, my Sanskrit Sir taught me a saying which went like this,

"Never underestimate the grass, for though it may seem harmless, when it flies into your eyes, it can cause more damage and danger than a blade of sword..."

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Writer's Block

Once in a while, we go through a mental block. Ideas rush through our heads, thoughts flying and sentences are formed in seconds and we have entire essays ready in minutes just like that. But the moment we take a pen to write or get ourselves to actually put it on paper, we suddenly turn blank...

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