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Driving During Rainy Days

"Serendipity favors the trained mind" , phrase I learned from one of my Biology classes. I think it was by Louis Pasteur but its something I always reminiscence.

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The rains are pouring

It was a rainy night tonight,
I couldnt see the road ahead ..
For years this path i have taken,
I couldnt see the road ahead..

The rain was pouring non stop,
Clouds had darkened the sky,
A sky that abodes the celestial beings,
My guiding light,where are u today?

I couldnt see the road ahead..
With its twist and turns,
As the rain blurred my view,

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Sands of Time

A child was playing with his father on the beach, when the child all lovingly asked his father, "Can I carry some sand with me to take home? I love the beach, I want to take some with me to build sandcastles at home!"

The father laughed a hearty laugh and said Son, "Fine take it and lets go make it so!"

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Sacrifices and Giving Up

When a person Sacrifices all he loves, is it right?
When a person ignores his wishes and rights and decides his life will be governed by destiny, is it what we call God's Hand?

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Perfecting the World

"If you give me six hours to cut a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening my axe", Abraham Lincoln.

Perfecting the way we do things has been a topic of discussion ever since we have been trying to do repetitive and similar activities.

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"A stereotype is a simplified and/or standardized conception or image with specific meaning, often held in common by people about another group. A stereotype can be a conventional and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image, based on the assumption that there are attributes that members of the other group hold in common. "

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Solitude ....

As I traverse down the roads I have to take,
As I cut the path through which I feel my life has to taketh,
I suddenly realize that my friends have passeth by,
On routes so different, with friends along their side...

With friends or companions...
For some twas' their old enemy, for others; acquaintances, and to some strangers..

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Recap of my Wonder Years...

Writing about my past, my present is like a story through different ages cause I have been a nomad, roaming between India & Kuwait. From 40 days old to 3 years, I was brought up by my grandparents. Back to Kuwait to then spend my next 15 years of life. The past 11 years I have been living it between Cochin & Chengannur(4 years where I did my Engineering...)

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All is well that ends well

All is well that ends well..
As the Sun rose for another day,
The warmth spread so lovingly,
As the day progressed, the sun got hot,
So much heat, swelter did we...
Wish did we that the rains would come..

As the rains began with monsoons,
The earth smelled so good, so cool..
As the days progressed, the rain grew wetter,
So damp, so dull, the weather looked grim..

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I just completed my 29th Birthday on January 11th. I was feeling a little different. I do not know why, maybe it is a kind of reminder that this is the last birthday you celebrate before you enter your thirties....

Birthdays are like I always say in my articles a reminder that we are mortal and we are lucky to have spent so much time on this planet...

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