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Finally VC Valley Phase 2 is ours...

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible. -- T. E. Lawrence

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Ages Ago ..

Ages ago ...
Destiny decided a work horse would come,
His duty is to serve, His duty is to help,
His duty is to sacrifice, His duty is to be compassionate
And thus this work horse roamed the world,
Doing what he has to, smiling outwardly,
sighing inwardly ... For he has a purpose to fulfill..

For the cross is his to bear, for life is but all bare,
He has to set example says everyone,

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In Search of Harmony ..

In Search of harmony I went, Planning for the future I thought,
Forget did I my happiness,Forget did I my priorities

When we are content with life,
Why do we see the potential problems?
Why do we spend so much time thinking of the future?
Why do we alter our lives to face it?
In the process why do we lose our present happiness?

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Shores of Death

If death was on the shores,
If the beach I walked took me there,
If the sands of time sped through,
Welcome would I the chance,
For what do I live ? I asketh myself,
For what is it that I thirst..I know not..

As the shores approached closer,
Pain I was ready to suffer,
No emotions came out to plunder,
No feelings came to thunder!

As the shores beckoned,
As the freedom opened,

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Friendship - The Unsinkable

' A friend in need is a friend indeed'..

A saying we hear often and something we believe in with our hearts...

I was going through orkut the other day and I felt something awkward. I am the proud owner of 656 friends in friendlist. Wow thats huge! Felt happy seeing it. At the same time it made me think, what are friends for?

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The Fire Within

Sometimes we make mistakes,
Sometimes we do not listen to advices,
Sometimes we think we know whats best,

But it is when we look back do we see,
How foolish we were!
What mistakes we made!
How much forewarning we got!
How our nonsense logic covered our instincts & heart..

Still the fire burns within,
To try and correct what we feel is important.
Still the fire burns within,

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Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage in your life?

When I asked my parents about this, they told me that as a 3 year old baby, I had once gone to Velankanni and then again when I was in the fourth standard.

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Suicides and Death

I never like to try to say I understand the true meaning of the verses in the Bible. In 13 years training of the Bible, I am not sure if the Priests themselves understand the entire Bible.

However like all of us for arguments sake, when we are up or down, decide to use parts of phrases to justify our words and actions.

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One man's Gain ...

What one man gains is another man's loss,
When one man faces a desert,
When survival is but a mirage,
How can he stand for his instincts
When he is begging all around him
will he choose instincts or logic?

When one faces disaster,
How does he ask someone to stand with him?
Knowing only that consequences forth come..
When you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel,

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Second Chances ?

I was hearing the other day on that Adebayor, a successful player for Arsenal suddenly feels he is underpaid and over worked and thats why he wants to move to a club that will pay him more. And his justifications for this decision despite all his loyal fans and the club that brought him to glory is that we only get one chance in life to make it!

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