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Another New Year Resolution down the drain?

Every year I take a new year resolution. I always believe at the start, I will do it. However each time I have failed miserably in this task.

This year too its not looking like reaching anywhere...

Now what was this New Year Resolution? Jokes apart, it was to get a six pack abs :)

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When I read this book, I remember a rite the priest does during a requiem. He goes on to say, that you came from the dust and you return to the dust so RIP...

Paul Coehlo put forward a very interesting theory.

a) Initially there was no life on this planet.
b) If suppose Adam and Eve were the first human beings in this world and if they were soul mates..

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Another Bird learns to fly..

2008 seems to be a year of losses like 2001, 1997,1995 and 1991.

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As time flows by..

As the time flows by,
The memories start fading,
As the new world order occurs,
The past is just that the .. past!

Like the rivers change their path with time,
Leave us do they but with memories
of old waterways & changed landscapes..
But we do not forget the river..

What it once was only some remember,
What it is now,
Everyone takes it granted,
What it was,

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The fiction world...

Suddenly nothing disturbs my focus and I am in the alleys of Scotland, the London subway, the prisons in UK as I wheel my way through the Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer.

October 2008 has re-initiated me back to my reading ways...

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Victoria, The Empress of India

Victoria, here I stand ,
Alone in a foreign land,
Neither the tongue I know,

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What they say about Capricorn's and their love..

I got this from a book called Love Signs by Linda Goodman..

two shall be born... the whole wide world apart
and speak in different tongues ... and have no thought each, of the other's being ... and no heed

and these same two
over unknown seas, to unknown lands, shall cross
escaping the wreck, defying death
and all unconsciously

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Sometimes in life we go through a impasse.. A stage where nothing much ever you try...

I am going through one of those stages.. Everything around me is changing..but I am stuck not changing.. Did I get stuck in time?

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7 years out of College..

I had gone to a friend's shop two days back when he came forth and told me Lijoe, I have something to show you!

He took out about 20 photographs and said do you remember this.. I recollected it immediately and he was surprised. I said nice you brought it back to me after 8 years.

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Silence of growth & Solitude ..

Among the hundreds you are,
Among friends and family you are,
Among well wishers you are!
Yet why do thy feel lonely,
Yet why do one crave for the solitude?

In this hour, why do thee want to merge with the shadows?
Why doeth thee wish to become the background?
Why do thee want to belong only to the past?

Live do you among the billion India uncouth,

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