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Sweet are those innocent souls,
Brimming with love so uncouth,
Knowing not this world's true colors,
they move about with awe..

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I sometimes wonder...

I sometimes wonder, death only can unite what life separates...
As the mud we came from, the water that bonded us,
Nothing of it remains today, only when we die,
we become back to what we were..

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I should have bought roses..

I should have bought roses,
My heart kept saying,
I should have bought the red ones..

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Withering Days..

Why is there a vacuum, Why can it not be filled?
Like a flower that needs but a drop to quench its thirst,
Why cannot this withered plant, re-inivigorate again ?

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I would rather have had

one breath of her hair....
one kiss of her mouth ....
one touch of her hand ...

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Dont Quit

I had a wall poster put in my Room during my engineering days and when I came to Poornam, I had it put in my cabin too. I read it when everything looks lost and for a moment, I imagine those good times I miss and it gives me hope.. its' poetic and it touches the soul... Read to be inspired and hopeful..

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If u love something very very much ...

If u love something very very much, let it go..

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Go Arsenal Go...

“It has been an interesting few days,” admitted the Frenchman. “But it has not been more difficult than that. When you don’t win, nobody jumps off the roof but the frustration always kicks in. "

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A retching start to 2009

Well I was hoping 2009 would start of on a better note. 2 days ML (medical leave) later, I am still thinking is this the start I wanted?

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2008, a year to forget...

2008 passes away in a few more hours,
I wish it a bye as fast as I can..

A year to forget with lots of ups and downs..
More downs than up rather I'd say..

As the winds of change blew through my life,
Changes it did were drastic if not nil,
Life can sometimes be weary, a long year it has been,

Though end did it in tranquility,

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