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When I was your Age...

Time: 12:30 Day: 18 Month: January  Circa: 2006

"When  I was your age, I never enjoyed life like you do today!" , the comment comes out from Peter to his son Peterson. Every son around the world hears this comment and accepts the truth in it. Our philosophers coined it well, "Time & Tide waits for no man".

India of 25 years back has changed from one of a agrarian society to a modernizing nation with tertiary industry like the BPO, software services, Health Speciality care booming.

Parents see all these amenities available to their children, sometimes in happiness and at other times, they fear their children will loose their direction amidst so many choices in life. Their general reaction would be, we were more focussed in life and did not have so many distractions and hence  succeeded. But is it so?

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Outsourcing Etiquette & Ethics

"As you sow so shall you reap"

All the grains that fell on fertile ground & were watered, bore great fruits, the ones that fell between rocks, grew until the ground could no longer nourish them. The ones that fell in sand, died without ever sprouting.

The same is the case of outsourcing support. Any outsourced support team that takes over a web host's support services, need the initial investment in time and effort of the client to make their concerns addressed properly and ironed out.

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From time immemorial,legends have defined it, fairy tales emphasize it and people ardently believe in it.

From "Romeo & Juliet", to "Gone with the Wind" to special days like St.Valentine's day, the world has made love to be something so inceasingly amazing and an everlasting feeling.

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To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world...

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world...

I have received a lot of flak on why I chose this quote to be a part of my signature every where. Anyone who has worked with me or received my mails for the past four years, at Poornam (Bobcares), realizes that they have seen this.

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Systems & Heroes

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" ---Spiderman

When you think back to our childhood, our whole lives have revolved around superheroes. Name it spiderman, superman, batman, catwoman, Incredible Hulk. Fairytales,legends,the Religious Manuscripts all speak of just one thing, supernatural powers; super human efforts. To say it simplified, we have always been from our childhood, brought up on a regular diet of heroics through movies, cartoons, books etc.Thus we always wish for rather believe in miracles. We only admire the unbelievable happenings and never appreciate everyday things.

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To Fly or Not Fly - Choosing your Web Host

Choosing a hosting company is one of the biggest problems faced by any client today. The sheer number of web-hosts and resellers with their highly varied pricing schemes seem to make the task even daunting. Adding to the woes are the fly by night hosting companies, that open shop with the most cheapest plans pulling the legs of the novice website Host and the gullible. A few things that every customer who plans to host a site needs to understand is, being costly or very cheap does not in anyway indicate the quality of service received. Lets analyze this scenario faced by prospective clients.

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System Administrator

"Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink"

So goes an old saying that a sailor once said while dying of thirst in the deep seas. The INTERNET world is also going through a similar stage and there is a huge number of vacancies and scarcity genuine System Administrators.

With its ever expanding use and unbelievable growth, we are moving towards a world as Andrew S Tanebaum once stated, "Right now a race is going on between Communication & Transportation. Whoever wins will make the other obsolete!"

How true is that saying, with everything we want under the sun at our fingertips, who would take the effort to move around for the same. This new INTERNET world is growing so rapidly and unleashed that we are experiencing a dearth of the highly skilled System Administrator. Its a fact that System owners these days have to take the word of people claiming to know this job, their abilities and risk accepting their proclaimed talents to meet their ever growing system administrative needs.

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Web Hosts & Customer Delight

Darwin once said,
" Survival of a species depends not on their strength but on their adaptability to change."

Have you pondered on this situation? Better still, how would you, a Web Hosting Service Provider , agree/disagree with this. What Darwin stated then is one of the most generic statement that has time and time again proved so right!

The industrial world is a artificial environment having its own form of survival where a struggle for existence continues each day in and out. Business Empires have risen and many have fallen. Industries that once ruled every niche and corner of this world, today have downsized, have had to close shop or re-invent themselves. Change,Change,Change! is what you see all around you! From the era of the Industrial Revolution, where any product manufactured was done with the sole intent of maximum profit, minimum expense and least re-innovations, today we have reached a mature stage; Where once competition was nil, today the same world is afflicted by the chronic syndrome of abundance. Choice has come in so much that no longer do industries dictate the terms but are mere obliging spectators whose only duty in life is to provide the means for customers to choose and watch the ever changing fortunes with the changes in customer minds. The choice of web hosts too is in one such play ground with the problem that they have a 24/7 playground that needs to be nurtured very carefully or else they will face the ire of their clients.

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Life Work Balance

I had my first exposure to pre-planned travel in the US. Its really out of the world how everything is done with least fuss. The procedure of travel for the perfect american who spends his weekends;Rather perfect anyone who wants to enjoy his life in US! Well like all my travelogues earlier said, people here love to travel and their only excitement in their lives are the weekends when they throw everything else away and just travel.

Their perfect travel methodology :

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Placebo Effect - Phone Support & Outsourcing

Internet has come of Age. Today people vie for online content and have started using the Internet for anything and everything. Right from blogging to the oldest application, email, the WEB as its best known is becoming part and parcel of our life like our televisions, electricity etc.

Web Hosting companies through the backend play a very important role in this spread and make this wide usage possible. Through competitive pricing , excellent customer support via tickets and chat, the business has grown big and lot of web hosting companies have come of age, reducing prices and encouraging outsourcing. Today we have reached a stage where cheap and sturdy servers, coupled with feature rich control panels and helpdesk systems to handle customer issues have all but systemized making web hosting effective enough for any layman to host his site.

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