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God, Astrology and people in Corporate Governance

This is a wonderful story I got on Astrology that was sent to me by Michael of

The beauty of the story lies in the positive energy and why God created people with different sun signs or people of such diverse characterstics and how they combine to make the "WHOLE" picture. Read on...

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Doctor Jekyll & Hyde

"Right and Wrong. Joy and Despair. Good and Evil. These are the themes Robert Louis Stevenson addresses in his work, 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.' "

This has been a novel that I have read, whose story seems to bring out the most intriguing aspects of the human mind set. Its like a reminder or rather a opening that there cannot be light without darkness, yin without yang.

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Saint Chakky

For me life has forever been one of pleasing people. When I was born, my working mother already had a one year old daughter who was already difficult to manage. Dad and mom came to a conclusion, that my grandparents would be able to better take care of me, keeping the difficulties of balancing financials and handling two toddlers.

So at 40 days, my first travel in life began. I do not remember much of my childhood except that upto three years I was taken care of by my grandparents, dad's brothers, sisters and their kids. I was their special guest from a foreign country, their most loved brother's only son.

When  I was three years old, my parents felt they were in a better situation where they could handle me and took me back.

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Atrocity 9/11

The Crime of September 11, 2001

The pain I feel is something so deep,when my thoughts revert to Sept 11 Crime!
Years they spent in time,money and hardwork,
With Parents & Teachers' sweat & blessings, reach did they to pinnacles of success!
Dream did those people,just like you and me,
of many dreams to fulfill;wishes to attain!

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The Lady in Burqa

For that special someone

There she stood, clad in her burqa,
white as the snow and eyes so dark & lovely,
her lips quivered with a smile so sweet.
Dressed has she to face a fresh new day,
what challenges lay ahead nor does she know.
Like the fire burning in a dark night,
her laughter and energy bring joy to the heart.

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Its not Mine....

for all those things that we can only dream off..

Value when something so much,
Treasure do you its every moment..
What do you do if she is no longer yours?
That laughter echoing around, its not mine...
Those jokes being said, its not mine...

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Fear does the man of today, of even the Sun in spring,
Of the UV rays and the Ozone depletion,
Such is the men of today, that they walk not,
Out in the open, for fear of tan and fear of cancer!

Why does man forget his mortality,
Forgets that his life is but just a millisecond
compared to the age of mother earth!
Yet still his trust is from his experience..

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Thing of Beauty

Ohh thing of beauty, you cameth into thee life,
like a gentle morning breeze! You roused in me,
the freshness of life, coloring it with thy beauty!

Ohh thing of beauty, you came to the parched land,
laden with love.nourishing thee..
Once again I do stand strong & high, once again I feel brave,
What love can do is like the stars in the sky,
lighting one's way in life through good times & bad.

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Ghosts of the Past

Circa 2004

Oh Ghosts of the past, Why do you haunt thee?
Were we not friends once....
To this day, you come back to my mind and heart,
Bringing pain and sorrow with thee memories,
Of the times we had, of the joy we shared..
Oh Ghosts of the past,Why do you haunt thee?

Did I not love thee with my heart..
In those times of love, have I not placed
heart & soul as bare as bare can be..

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Long time ago

Circa 2002 A.D.

This day what iff death whisked me away,
What iff accident freed me from this world...
What would happen, ever have I thought...
Of dreams, of hopes and ambitions I cherished..

What would this world say, of a departure so preamture!
Teachers would sorrow the loss of a brilliant mind,
developed by their best efforts,
Parents would break their hearts to see their only son

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