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The Sound of her steps ..

As I stood at the cross roads,
There came those steps sounding from behind.
These steps so familiar, knew I did it was her!

The special walk, the speed of those steps,
How urgently they were trying to reach me!

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Pavlov's Dog

Science has taught us many things and one of the best experiments that showed how living organisms react to stimuli was Pavlov's Dog experiment.

Today its an attribute everyone can link themselves to. Every action results in a reaction. Depending on the magnitude of feelings it creates within the mind of the other person, the resulting memory can cause a similar reaction in similar situations. This is what we call learning.

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The Trepedition Within...

Watch have you ever a duck in a pond,
So calm it looks, so graceful it moves..
How happy you feel to see the ducks move about,

Be a fish for a moment,...
In that pond so beautiful, your home...

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As time flies by...

I sat to watch the drying river, so sandy, so little water!
As I crossed this bridge so long, my thoughts went back,
For such a bridge to have been built..what mighty a river,
Once flowed through here....,

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Calm after the storm..

The change is permanent, the realization started to glare,
What can I do , I know not any more,
The skies have cleared, the storm abated,
Some peace has come to my heart, I do not know how to express it.

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Da Vinci Code, Religion & the Beliefs --- my Views

Da Vinci Code ; The finding of Judas scriptures are recent events that have restarted the questioning of the truth of the events characterized in the Bible.

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Longest Night ...

I knew not why wait did I,
Sleep would never cometh, for my mind was troubled.
This was the longest night ever...
With bated breath, with prayers on my lips,
I waited, waited, waited...just to know that nothing went wrong..

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Darkened Clouds over the Horizon

I reached, finally reached to witness,
The sacrifice of a dream so vivid..

The place so beautiful, lush green & fresh,

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My journey through love began quite early,
Currents of winds took me far & near,
each time lose did I, time & pain.

But there was hope, there was a feeling,
that some other wind would blow,

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Migrating Entire Cpanel Servers

Moving All the accounts between two servers hosting the same control panel is usually not a very difficult process.

But like G.B. Shaw said,

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