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The Be(a)st within you .....

Many times I have wondered how Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Freedom Struggle could silently face all the violence and retaliate with non-violent means to subdue the then British rulers.

Sometimes I wonder is it humanely possible?

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This was a poem I got from a site

The poem written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

'The Invitation' -- one of today's best-known pieces of inspirational poetry. Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote it after coming home from a party, frustrated with the superficial social interaction. The next day she emailed the piece she had written to some friends, having no idea that the poem would take on a life of its own. It traveled all around the world, and still continues to do so. Through her work and writing, the poet/author seeks to inspire and challenge herself and others to live life fully.

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Vismaythumbath The Movie ..

It was September 5th 2006, the day of the festival of Onam. When I woke up I found my family watching a movie eagerly. I asked which is it, they said “Vismaythumbath”.

I smiled. I went to grandma's place, there too everyone was watching the movie. They were all happy to see me and were watching it with full sincerity. I was touched but the same time I realized what importance people give to movies.

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Joshua on his First Onam

Joshua my nephew celebrated his first Onam. He looks real cute :)

Click on the pictures if you want to see them in their full size. Joshua was born on December 7th and ever since then I have seen him mostly smile and always excited. Though I see him rarely, he recognizes my voice and the feeling is really different. I am his only maternal uncle and he is lucky to have me ;) hehe, have to teach him many things when he grows up...

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Dont let someone be a priority ...

As I came down for dinner today before leaving to office, my sister's were discussing something with a lot of brevity. I sat down and asked what the commotion was about.

My younger sister Linsy said, she got sms from 5 different friends with a quote and she could not fathom why it was sent to her!

I asked her for the quote and it went like this,

" Dont Let Someone be a Priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs."

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Role Model

I was speaking to Niyas today when he told me," Our actions are the role models for the future generations." Niyas a devout Muslim, belongs to a small town in Malapuram District of Kerala. In their place, girls are married off very early in life and education beyond tenth grade is frowned on because they fear the lose of filial relations and possiblity of the girls developing independent views about life.

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Kadamkudi, A untouched beauty close to Cochin

Kadamakudi is a small island like landmass off Varapuzha Panchayath . This place is at the mouth of the estuary of the Varapuzha river that flows into the Arabian Sea. Hence the place is surrounded by swampy low lying areas.

My first tyrst with this place was when the local people there conducted a Football tournament in their school ground back in 1998. As I went to play there, I realized, in this about 60 meter long pitch, there were atleast 6 coconut trees. Being the captain of the team, we called it Butterflies, I used to come down from Chengannur Engineering College on weekends to play the tournament matches. We won the tournament, my first as a captain. More than the victory, my freekicks that curved between the trees, catching the blindspot of the opposing goal keeper, ensured I scored the goals and became the man of the match. End of the day, the sweetest memory of the victory was when 6 years later when I was purchasing something at a car shoppe, one of the workers there came and enquired if I still play soccer or not and I was surprised. He told me he was a spectator of our feats in that ground so many years back and could not forget me.

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Cherai Beach, Off Memories and moments in thought ..

I just got back at 2 am from Trviandrum after I went to help in the conduct of Walk In Interview for our company.The day was bad in itself that it was one of the worser days of my life, but I kept my cool, I ensured I went through it all with Tobby's support. Met Susy too, she seemed to have put on a little weight just around her cheeks, but otherwise the same. Four and half hours of driving at night through two lane highways (NH47) without separators had me drained and feeling empty so that I couldnt think too many painful thoughts. Add to it averaging 80kmph through rain, non-dimming opposite drivers and highway without streetlights was in itself a taxing job. I had Tobby double up feeling all dizzy with the drive, Jayanthy belting herself up and the rest accelerating and braking with imaginary brakes at each close call.

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Mistakes, Stepping Stones to Success?

I was just 3 years old, my mom took me to a kinder garden school in Kuwait. The teachers there tried to test my my grasping level. They found I could not cope up... I was 4 years old, my mom took me to 3-4 different schools hoping I would get admission somewhere. At one school, the principal said, Madam, “Your son has some learning disability, he is not yet ready to be admitted to school with his level of mental development. “

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Where did it all go ..

As the candle flickered in the gusty winds,
The winds laughed and said, foolish candle,
Why do you stand there flickering !

So weak is your light, that it cannot brighten the life of your loved one,
No strength do you have to stand against us the wind,
Through breezes, through winds, through hurricanes,
we cajole, threaten and destroy what stands in our path!

Oh puny candle, flickering in the darkness,

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