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T Rage ...

So much hurt it brings into me,
The T can do it to me,
My friend says so much sacrifice it is,
To stop the T from happening...
Five months it can be held,
Five words it takes to be felt as granted...

I do not know why I put so much for someone
For whom it is but only a sacrifice,
That awaits to be redeemed...

My fists hurts with all the pounding,

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3 down 7 to go Marbles' Saga.. continues....

The day had finally reached. After almost 3 years of relentless searching, Poo, aka , Don, of the Marbleboys finally tied the knot.

[img_assist|nid=133|title=Poos' Wedding snap with the Marble Boys..|desc=From Left to Right that's Ajeesh, Shafeer, Tobby, Poo & his wife Rachana, Pratheeksh, Sony, Chakky|link=node|align=left|width=200|height=150]

He was one of the first in our group who got tired of the lonely bachelor life after college and one of the first to really start searching for his life partner. A few unscheduled foreign trips, “wrong time!” as per his horoscope and some very choosy nature made him spend almost three years searching for that perfect girl.

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Yahoo !

Air Tickets, Newspaper Ads, Online Ads, Yahoo has decided to make its presence felt.

The past few months, Yahoo has been in the limelight once again. They have gone on a mad hiring spree. The HR people there also realize its mad in itself and hence are moving ahead with dual proposals. Selected, Permanent Employees and Contract workers. Looks like we are back to the age old Government Systems...

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Finding Forrester ..

I returned from work early today. Did some shopping for mummy and then sat down for dinner. As I sat, I browsed through the channels and halted when I saw Sean Connery. I dont think there are many actors whose films even if horrible are worth watching just because of their actor...

So there it was "Finding Forrester", a movie I have always thought I should see some day. But until now, I could never think of myself in a mood of lonliness that warrants me to sit and watch it.

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Kingdom of Heaven & King Arthur

I was in a very melancholy mood today. Life sometimes does that to you. For the first time today I had a host of questions asked to me about the whys and why nots of life at Poornam. :) I had a bunch of the freshest batch of kids, all less than one year, show their mettle. I loved their reasonings and I felt nice seeing their energy.

Here we were over a coffee at Cafe Coffeeday, me and Sojish having our meet the press sort of question rounds. The enthusiastic kids ranged their questions from, "Congrats to Poornam" to "Management is slow to respond to Issues" to " When is the next payscale revision" and so on.. :)

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Burning the Midnight Oil

As the night went deep & dark,
The thunders lit the sky,
Tear like rains dropped like pellets,
Such piercing effect it had on the heart,
For the oil lit well into the night,
No sleepth would come..No words to comfort ...

No tears to dry,No one to cry,
For this is something so taboo to talk off,
A wish too much to fathom,
No reasoning can thy explain any more,
For life has like its usual whims,

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Age & Revenge

“I am 86 years old son, yet my son in drunken stupor choked my neck and pushed me on to the bed!”
He said, “Thalle (Old lady), you and your unmarried daughter (53 year old sister) dare to say bad about my wife and kids!”

... and so went on the old lady when I went to meet her today. Tears were rolling down her eyes that had cataract and she could not see well. Mariyamma, the 86 year old lady whom I meet once in a while is a strong lady. But at the fag end of her life, with these sort of actions from the youngest son who is supposed to be the one taking care of her, even she is defeated.

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Phoenix rising from the ashes ..

"As time moved forward, one thing you realize,
Life is but momentary instants of experiences..
As the minute ticks, the hours churn,
this world never stops for the moment..
For every moment is an experience within itself,
Something that can never be oneself!

Every moment is a change,
Some changes happen for the good,
Many others are but Destiny's choices,
Some we feel we control, our minds say we chose!

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I was pondering about big companies and what drives them. Reading about how Mukesh Ambani is the richest indian in India and then about Anil Ambani being worth close to Rupees 60,000 crores (13.2 billion dollars) now, I was shell shocked.

"After toppling state-run energy giant ONGC as India's largest corporate house among listed entities after more than four years, RIL's market cap has further swelled to over Rs 1,65,000 crore taking Mukesh Ambani's net worth based on his shareholding in group companies to more than Rs 70,000 crore.Ambani's elevation has pushed Wipro's Azim Premji to the second position with a net worth of about Rs 64,700 crore" from Rediff website. (4 crores ~ 1 million)

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In Exile ..

Have you ever wondered what it means to be in exile ..You have heard of world leaders who have tried to fight against the the regimes in power who end up being exiled..

The other day I was reading in the newspaper how a kind gentleman spent Rs.3000/- for about ten cages of birds and then set them free. It was a very strange act...

People generally enjoy admiring the beauty of the captive, they feel a sense of satisfaction to see the animal struggle for its freedom, tire out and finally give up the struggle. The animal ends up tame cause it has no choice.

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