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Arsenal & Thierry Henry ...

Finally the news is out. Thiery Henry, Arsene Wenger's Deadly Arsenal has finally flown coup.

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Your Soul is mine....

Your soul is mine, God foretold,
On loan I have given to you oh Animal!
When the time cometh, I ask thee to return..
Then you will go back to the earth you came from ...

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Sabbath -- The Day to Rest, Recuperate...

The Book of Genesis says,
"2:1 The heavens and the earth were completed with everything that was in them.2:2 By the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing, and he ceased on the seventh day all the work that he had been doing. 2:3 God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it he ceased all the work that he had been doing in creation."

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End of Brahmacharitam, The Beginning of Wedded Bliss..

NSD did it finally.. He gave into the beauty and heart of Smitha. Nine years back when I met NSD, he was a bubbly, meandering Elephantine person, who mimic -ed cine artists and was full of laughter.

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World Cup 2007 -- Of Dreams Dashed

So much hype, so many records, so much hopes rested on our Indian team this world cup. Parallels were drawn to the great Indian team that won the World Cup last time a couple of decades ago. Yet it all ended in ignominy!

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What is Love, What is Marriage ???

One Day Socrates was walking along a Wheat Field when one of his disciples approached him. "Socrates, Sir!", the disciple called out. "Sir, what is Love?".

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Classifying People – A Perpetual Reality

I was on the interview board and recently I took the interview of a prospective candidate. After his interview I felt he was worth giving a chance in our Company. But then we rejected him; reason, he had less than 60% cutoff that we put as a criteria.

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From Dust came Man & Unto Dust he Returns...

Today I turned 28!

I am on the wrong side of the first quarter of my life... Recollecting my past one year, I realize this birthday just reminded me on a saying my uncle Thomas always reiterates...

"Up until you reach your 25, a birthday is a sweet reminder of you becoming an Adult from a toddler. Its what every teenager dreams to be and each birthday brings him closer to it..Once you cross the 25, then the changes come! Each birthday reminds you of your mortality!"

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Too Good a Mail ...

Dear Rechana,

Hi,I am Kuttan.You would be delighted to know that you are one of those lucky few on this planet to be inducted to the Marble Brats Family.The Marbleite constitutiion Para 12 states that to be inducted,you would need to satisfy atleast one of the following two criterion:
i)A special Bill to be passed with full majority from all the people in the group.A veto from one person would result in the bill not getting approved.

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Joshua, his First Year on Planet Earth ..

This is Joshua my Nephew. He was born on December 7th 2005 to Laiza (my sister) & Neethesh.

On December 9th 2006, they decided to celebrate his birthday. As a birthday gift, my youngest sister Linsy's classmate decided to gift a video compilation of the pictures and video clippings of the baby during the past one year of his existence on Planet Earth :).

The video is too cute and so I decided to have it up here and running.

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