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Big Goals

"You're not sure what you want to be when you grow up, but you're sure that this isn't it. Don't beat yourself up about it. Big goals take a lot of time."

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Being Possessive and Selfish

Why are you possessive? What right do you have to want all the attention? Why do you selfishly hamper the growth of someone you love so much? You are an Egotist! Because of this you will never be happy! You always think of things you have done for others..there is no use thinking I can't change and the world should change for me!

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But for a Moment

Have you ever sat and watched the sunset.. wishing it lasts for a lifetime..
Have you ever watched the full moon so beautiful, longingly ..
Why is it that things you love are but moments?
Why is it that what your heart desires never come out but for a moment?

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Ego Chetan

"Ego Chetan, Ego", listen to me, Linsy went on..

I smiled from Lijoe to Lego to now Ego :). Sisters as they grow up tend to change the way they call you..

I always had a difficulty calling My elder sister "Chechi" (Chechi is supposed to mean elder sister & Chetan is supposed to mean elder brother). I finally started using it when I really respected her for that position. By about 9-10 years girls mature faster than boys and thats when I think I ended up calling her so.

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Titanic - Of love unsinkable

As the ship sailed from port, the winds carried it forth..
On the shore awaited he for the return of his love...
Day in day out he visited the port,
Awaiting the ship's return... carrying his love..

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The Seven Wonders of the world, how lovely are thy...
Standing wonders of the ingenuity of Man,
From time immemorial you have stood there,
Through the ravages of nature and man,
You have weathered and seen off many..

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Cancer - The Slow and Painful Parasite

She rolled her head in exhaustion. She gasped for air and in between her
breath, kept calling out, "amma, appa". I watched her dazed eyes, her skinny
looks and the constant pain she was suffering and I wished it away...

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The heart that has stoned ..

How do you unbreak a heart that has stoned?
The harder our hearts become..Faster we start ignoring..

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I wonder what life is all about..

I wonder what life is all about,
For it can never be stopped,
Push or pull you keep going forward,
Yesterday's baby today's old man and..
Tomorrow into thy grave...

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Alone in the desert of life, the cactus survives..

When the sun beat down on the desert,
So much heat it generates,
All life said its bye,
No water, so thirsty they dried...
Yet, the cactus learnt to survive in the desert of life,
All alone it learnt to persevere..

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