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The moon shone brightest yesterday night....
Out from the cloudy sky, it broke free to shine so bright..
The tidal waves were so high, the sea was all excited...
So bright it was that it seemed to dispel gloom,
The world looked so much better and my heart skipped a beat...
New Moon: So lovely, so naive..New Moon: So lovely, so naive..
Oh moon, I have never spent so much time looking at you,
Why do you shine so brightly so recently...
Over the past one week I saw you change
From a new moon to a full moon,
From Romania to India
I watched over you with bated breath..

Was it the unfolding of destiny that you bestowed on me,
Was it something so akin to what I knew would happen,
Or was it just the brightness before the gloom...

For a moment I dreamed, For a moment I hoped,
For a moment I despaired, for nothing was written....
If we had control over our destiny, if we could see ahead,
if things could have been changed....
So much I would have tried to do, so much I would have lived to see...

For now I see only uncertainty,
Oh moonlight, Guide me in this gloomiest hours!
For my path is dark and deep, bereft of my control..
Lead me to the path that I should choose
To fulfill my destiny and Rest In Peace....

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