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The Seven Wonders of the world, how lovely are thy...
Standing wonders of the ingenuity of Man,
From time immemorial you have stood there,
Through the ravages of nature and man,
You have weathered and seen off many..

As you stand there today, I wonder what you would recollect,
Did you feel helplessness when you watched man kill man?
Though you have been built out of the love of man,
Withstanding everything that nature threw at you,
I wonder if thy ever felt frustrated with this world you watch?
You have seen your creators lifetimes and their generations after,
If you could talk, what would thy say of how we evolved?

What secrets did you bear witness to?
What infidelity did you watch ?
What love did you nurture?
So many things I can ask, but not everything I can fathom..
So majestically you stand, giving hope to Man,
That not all actions of his go in vain,
You stand testimony to what history we bear..
Of people with vision who dreamt big,
Letting us know how to dream bigger...

People may lose their love with time,
But your majesty stands today,
letting mankind know the symbols our forefathers left for us..
Teaching us how to build on it further.
Creating the bridge between the past and the present..
As a symbol of the love of mankind handed over generations!

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