A man after my own heart- Mumbai 26/11 continued ..

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Everything has settled down, the calm has returned. People are trying their level best to show their vote of confidence in the Secular Democratic country of India and at these times when the Indian Unity is at its peak and Politicians hidden, we feel proud about the ones who take up the cause...

I was reading this Rediff Article , when I felt for a moment proud about this Indian. Like he says, what has happened is not the end result of a person being a hindu or muslim; But just the reality that Indian lives are being devalued by the very country's leaders, police and vested groups!

I agree we have a population of a billion plus. I agree we have a lot more people in Poverty and for us to survive in this Global world, we need to be understanding and not jumping the gun each time something goes wrong.

But in 2008, after so many blasts all around the country and we proving ourselves ineffective to do anything seriously until say the Army steps in, we need to change our attitude towards State Police Force Revamping as well as Training. If not anything else, every City needs its on Rapid Response Forces, Specialized Fire Fighting Equipments and a 911 type communication Help Network. These are all things that are needed for the long term security of our nation.

Just as an airport is a major travel hub, the kind of security that is provided to this place that has more of private airlines and agencies is an indication how lethargic we are at securing our common man amenities like the railway stations and the bus stations. I am not saying we need to arm and allocate police to every station, its not possible. Just that we may be in need of a surveillance system to be put in place to track and monitor our Major Junctions, Crowded Streets and various hubs for us to be able to mount Rapid Response teams in any such situations.

A PC with a lathi is always going to be useless against a fully armed terrorist running around! So its always best to have a better armed American style SWAT teams ready to immediately respond for these sort of requirements.

It is also time for us to take the initiative of targeting at free will areas inside Pakistan where we are 100% sure terrorists are being harbored.

America can do it in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea; Israel can do it in Lebanon & Palestine; Russia can do it in Georgia! So then why do we heed to them on restraint when 179 Indian lives can be snuffed out at will?

We are a nation that gave Gandhiji to the world and going by his principles we have shown our restraint so far. But 2008 has been a testing year and with so many incidents, its time we have a plan of action against these sort of situations. Specialized groups are needed to handle each threat to our nation whether Internal or External...

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